Techno evolution goes on like gigant steps and intercom sector isn´t a exception. Today, we show you a smart intercom to stir up the sector.

Abrebox permite, a través de una conexión WIFI ó 4G, ver hablar y abrir a todo el que visite tu casa. Sin necesidad de cableado, el videoportero Abrebox salva el obstáculo de cablear desde la placa de calle hasta el interior; algo que limitaba mucho en algunas Comunidades o zonas.

Abrebox allows us, by WIF or 4G connection, to talk and open our house. We don´t need wiring installation and it´s very usefull to communities and areas with complicated intallations.


These are the main features of Abrebox system:

  • Wireless: it doesn´t need a wiring.
  • Movement registration
  • Omnipresent: you could answer from your smartphone/tablet wherever you are.
  • Robbery prevention: You could know who is knocking your door and you pretend that you arte at home.
  • Package deception; you could talk with deliver man and open the door or let him an alternative address.
  • Opening withot keys: you could open the door by App.


Abrebox street panel has a elegant, modern and refoce design . It has these features:

Cuenta con una cámara de 2Mpx a color con leds para mejorar la visión nocturna.

It has a 2Mpx colour camera with leds illumination to night vision.

It has a touchless keypad with a 7″ screen.

Lector de proximidad para la apertura de accesos a través de smartphone, tablets y/o llavero.

Proximity device to open the gate by smartphone, tablets.


Entre las prestaciones que ofrece Abrebox destacamos las siguientes:

Abrebox main functions are:

  • “Don´t disturb” mode
  • “Push” notifications in your smartphone
  • Video and audio at real time
  • Take pics
  • Management of online incidents
  • Many users
  • Gestión de accesos temporales orientados a espacios de uso turístico.
  • Management of temporary access to tourist use.
  • Own WIFI network.

At last this could be the point and the end of intercom that we are used to have at home.

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