protección de datos en cctv

With the new Data Protection Regulation, last 25th May of 2018, the surveillance sector has changed some elements. We have to be clear with our steps to comply with the law, when we are installing the CCTV system and with the recorder images from it.

This new regulation is loooking for to be adapted to Regulation (UE) 2016/679 European Parlament and Council of 27th April 2016, about the protection of personal datas and free flow of them

In this article we´ll see how the surveillance sector is affected by new Data Protection Regulation.


Since year, when we installed CCTV system we had to inform to Agencia Española de Protección de DAtos. NOTA system, did remember? guided us to fullfil the form and after that we sent to AEPD.

Now, with new Data Protection Regulation, you don´t need this notification. Only you have to fullfil an internal document. It´s explained in 30th article of the new regulation.


Each responsible person, or agent, takes note of the activities done by his responsability. This register shall have the next information:

  • The name and contact deails of responsible, co-responsible, the agent and data protection delegate.
  • The purpose of the system.
  • The categories description of interested, personal datas of categories, the recipients data, third countries and international organizations too.
  • In case of datas transfer to a third country and international organization, we have to inform about that country and/or organization and the documentation (49th article, 1st section, 2nd paragraph)
  • Preview perdiods to delete the data categories, when it could be possible.
  • Description of security measures (32nd article, 1st section) when it could be possible.

The register shall have:

  • The name and contact deails of responsible, co-responsible, the agent and data protection delegate.
  • Las categorías de tratamientos efectuados por cuenta de cada responsable. 
  • The type of processing made  by each responsible.
  • En el caso de trasferencia de datos a un tercer país u organización internacional, se ha de identificar dicho país y/u organización junto con la documentación de garantías adecuadas (recogido en el Artículo 49, apartado 1º, párrafo 2º)
  • Description of security measures (32nd article, 1st section) when it could be possible.

Above information has to be on paper and electronic format. Also, the responsibles have to make aviable to Authority.

Everything, looking until now, isn´t obligatory to companies with less than 250 employees. Unless it is a risk to freedoms and rights of them.


We´re going to stand out the aspects of new regulation that affect to surveillance installation:

  • Cameras location: recorder imagenes have to respect the relax and private areas.
  • Screens location: screens have to be located inside limited area.
  • Saved images: the images will be saved for a month.
  • Duty to inform: we have to inform about the CCTV installaton by a informative poster. This element is composed by a pictogram and text where inform how you could access to replace your data.
  • Schedule control: we have to inform the employees if the cameras are used to control entrances and exits.
  • Right to access to images: you could order it with a ID copy, date and hour that you want to see. The images don´t be showed directly to others. If they couldn´t be watched, we have to give a document with this information.

Here you are a link with a guide form AEPD to help you to supplement the information.




Powermatic is always looking for the lastest trends and innovations to increase its catalogue with the best productos. For that reason, today we present you the eyefish camera.

With a panoramic vision, this surveillance camera becomes the perfect and mostly demanded solutions to commerce and little/medium companies.

It has a perfect design against vandalistic forces, specially whe it´s installed in crowded areas like stores. In these commerces there are a lot of clothes racks that need to be controled.

This technology has been developmented by Hinkvision, a chinese company that is present around the world. The success of eyefish camera is based in 5 reason:

  • Increase the security of your bussiness: eyefish camera turns the surveillance system into a monitoring tool to control your employees and clients.
  • Help to increase the productivity: thanks to big angular vision, we could look our team journey. Likewise, we could value the productivity and involvement level of our employees.
  • Improvement of facilities: we could have a general vision, form our eyfish camera, and we could optimize the work areas and delete the obstacles that are detrimentals to employees.
  • Forsee the lossings of your business: the camera helps us detect something irregularity. Also, we could find quickly a fire and/or flood.
  • Boost deterrence: althought is a small device and sometimes you don´t see it, the theft professionals could see it and tunr down to act.


If you love the specifications, we let you all the technical details of this great surveillance camera:

  • Image sensor 1/3” CMOS
  • Min. illumination 0.001 Lux
  • 1.6mm len. Big angle vision 186° (horizontal), 106° (vertical)
  • Video chusing H.264/MJPEG
  • Max. resolution 2560 x 1440
  • BLC/ 3D DNR/ ROI/ Defog
  • SD/SDHC/SDxc Micro slot until 128GB
  • WIFI 2.4 Ghz.
  • Infrared light range: 8 meters.
  • Full HD resolutions, 4 MP
  • Audio alamr suitable.
  • You could access by Ethernet or WIFI from everywhere.
  • IRC technology.

Have you some questions? Powermatic helps you to clarify them and to choose the best camera to your needs.



Security is a priority element when we talk about comercial stores. Althought they are located at inside or outside areas, to get a good protections without to lose the elegance could be a big challenge.

First of security elements that you have to installed is the closing system. The roller shutter, manual or automatic, is the first level to prevent the illegal access; then the order of our shutter has to be well studied.


All the rollers shutter have made by great resistance material. So, when we go to find our shutter, we´ll find 2 types:

  • Roller shutters made in steel: very resistance material, the galvanized version avoids the corrosionof material. It doesn´t need maintenance and it could have a long lifetime. It has a quimic reaction to avoid scratching.
  • Roller shutters made in aluminium: wellknown by its lightness, the aluminium is, with iron, the mostlty used material around the world. It has a long lifetime beacause it´s corrosion resistant. It has the same finished in the both sides. Something doesn´t happen in galvanized shutters, that just have one side.

Althought the aluminum and its lightness are wellknown, when we need to offers a hight resistance, we add more to double the thickness and then the weight is increased a lot.


When we know wich material we´ll use, we have to decice the shutter finished. We have to keep options in mind like:

  • Bussiness style.
  • We want t be according the building where we are.
  • We want people look inside when we are closed.

You have these main options:

  • Die-cutting shoutter: you could close the access and at the same time, people could see the inside. It´s used in clothes stores, etc.
  • Blind shutter: it´s a clossing that doesn´t allow to see the inside of store. It´s used in places where the security is the priority.
  • Microperforated shutter: it´s a mix of elegance and security. If you are looking for a shutter that has style and it doesn´t lose resistance, this is your shutter.
  • Imitation-wood shutter: you´ll have all the wood advantages and no disadvantages.
  • Lacquered shutter: it´s the best option to shutter exposed to scraching, and inclement weather, etc. Oven lacquered gives a extra resistance.


We could addapt a lot of opening system in our roller shutter:

  • Fobs: if we install a receiver we´ll get to open the gate with the fob.
  • Proximity device: they are cards or tags that you put close to the reader installed and the shutter starts to open.
  • Tradictional key:  you use a inlay lock to open and close the shutter.
  • Keypad: we could addapt a keypad, then you introduce a correct code and the shutter starts to open.
  • Smarphone: there are different systems by App from your smartpone. You don´t need to be close to the gate to open or close.


If you are looking for the total possible security, you have to install a self-locking shutter. This system is only to automatic shutter, not manual. It has a extra security that blocks the shutter when you force a manual mode.

We keep in mind that this shutter needs a complete installation, in other words, if we have an automatic shutter we´ll have to change all the devices, so it´s more expensive.

Powermatic has a range of shutter, you could contact us and our qualified technician are ready to help you.


Powermatic security precaution maintenance

Prevention of offenses is a continous challenger to all communities. The high class residential areas and houses that are empty during the day are the focus of thieves. Also, the tourist appartments are a goal to thieves because they are emplty during the autumn and winter.

If we follow a criminology theory, to offense happens, it´s necessary 3 situationn:

  • A motivated thief.
  • Existing goal.
  • No one who could takes action.

This situation isn´t casual, there are some moments and places where these 3 conditions happen.

Do you know that 78% of crimminal case are about property offense?

The thief is a rational person who gets decisions based in profits and costs. So our goal, with this prevention planninf, is to tilt the balance foward costs. So, we have the technology advantages to get it.

Our prevention project is elaborated to reforce the security of our community  from outside to inside.


The most important thing to prevention, at community outside, is to have a perimetral walls. So, the best options is to have a fence made in metal or  masonry.

It´s necessary that the perimetre has only one entrace, close to the security office, than people just can enter and exit by the same entrance. Also, you should be identificated when you don´t have the remote control to enter.

The identification is necessary to taxi drivers and maintenance personal. This is a good solutions because with less access, more control.

This simple access, always that you could do it, is recommeded at night, for explamle since 12 a.m until 6 a.m.


Our proyect works to reforce the access control systems. There are some options:

  • When you go to collect a reomte control or key you have to identify yourself to get it.
  • These devices have an unique serial number.
  • We associate echa remote control with the owner and appartment. The if the remote is lost or stolen we could cancel or replace it.

Powermatic has a antypassback system. You just could enter if you have entered in the opposite sense in the same gate. Then you could access if you have existed before. Also you could exit if your has registered your entrace before.

Other usefull system is a card of events. In this case, the entrance and exist are register with the serial number of the remote, the date and hour to a future check.

Last innovation is the electronic cylinder; it has a time control to limit the access. It´s very usefull to control access to swiming pool area. Also, when you a have a neighbord that doesn´t pay the community taxes, you could cancell the access to: swimming pool, gym, socialclub, etc.

Likewise, it´s very usefull to cleaner sercvices whre you could give a key with time control and the person could access in a limit time.


Este aumento de seguridad tiene distintos objetos;

  • The incresase of the number of guardians 24 hours, because a lot of thieves act when the house is alone.
  • Surveillance cameras have to been installed in priority places.
  • The increase of street lighting helps the surveillance. It helps the guardian vision and the resolution of CCTV cameras.
  • The taxi drivers and maintenance personal identifications is very important.

It´s important to inform to all neightbords about the prohibitions and duties. You could install panels with all these informations.

If we put panel of surveillance areas, according with data protection rules, it´s a good solutions to deterrence the possible thieves.

La principal vía de entrada a las urbanizaciones o viviendas suelen ser los propios propietarios o inquilinos de las comunidades. Una acción que no tiene coste para la comunidad y es de lo  más efectiva es:

The first guilties to break the security rules are the own neightbords. There are some actions that help to be care:

  • No abrir a nadie desconocido.
  • Don´t open to unknowed people
  • No entregar dispositivos de acceso como llaves y mandos a terceros.
  • Dont´t bring the access devices to others.
  • If we the unknowed person with a strage attitude you should have to inform security guardian or police.

Powernatic installs and addapat our prevention planning to your needs.


Rains and automatic gates

The rains have arrrived to Spain, this year it happened very soon.  According to Mediterranean weather, the raining season is coming. We have to know that Autumn and Winter are the raining season, and we have to be ready to face them in peace.

After last day with DANA episode, we can´t do anything, there is a lot of water that it´s impossible to go out without damages. Beyond this exceptional situations, we coud to face the water without problem.

Powermatic  gives you some tips to help you to avoid that rains become a headache.


You have to clean the automatic gate area to be sure about the good workinfg of it. If we don´t take care of this, dirt and leafs could bock the gate movement and other gate devices. If we don´t clean this area, some drops could damage our gate.


Some electronic devices are exposed to bad weather or they are inside the floor. To check the covers of theses devices are very important.  We couldn´t lose the water tightness of theses devices, they could be damaged. Remember that the sun weakens the covers, then we recommed you to change them.


As we check our vehicle every year, we change the wheels or filters… we need you to chek and review our gate. We recommend to review it each 6 months, at least once per year you should do it. It´s the best way to extend its lifetime.


There are some devices more exposed than others and for that reason we have them a special consideration.

Photocells, that help us to avoid accidents and a gate closes when someone/something is crossing, are affected by rains. A lot of drops on the sensor make that the gate doesn´t close. Clean them and say goodbye to the problems.

Gates are an outside device and it´s exposed 100% to everything. You have to choose a goof material to have a safety gate. We recommend you aluminium even thought it´s more expensive than others.

Water tightless is necessary to protect the engines and also it´s very important if we talk about wiring. Check all the wiring system.

With prevention and good opinion the rain never becomes our enemy



Techno evolution goes on like gigant steps and intercom sector isn´t a exception. Today, we show you a smart intercom to stir up the sector.

Abrebox permite, a través de una conexión WIFI ó 4G, ver hablar y abrir a todo el que visite tu casa. Sin necesidad de cableado, el videoportero Abrebox salva el obstáculo de cablear desde la placa de calle hasta el interior; algo que limitaba mucho en algunas Comunidades o zonas.

Abrebox allows us, by WIF or 4G connection, to talk and open our house. We don´t need wiring installation and it´s very usefull to communities and areas with complicated intallations.


These are the main features of Abrebox system:

  • Wireless: it doesn´t need a wiring.
  • Movement registration
  • Omnipresent: you could answer from your smartphone/tablet wherever you are.
  • Robbery prevention: You could know who is knocking your door and you pretend that you arte at home.
  • Package deception; you could talk with deliver man and open the door or let him an alternative address.
  • Opening withot keys: you could open the door by App.


Abrebox street panel has a elegant, modern and refoce design . It has these features:

Cuenta con una cámara de 2Mpx a color con leds para mejorar la visión nocturna.

It has a 2Mpx colour camera with leds illumination to night vision.

It has a touchless keypad with a 7″ screen.

Lector de proximidad para la apertura de accesos a través de smartphone, tablets y/o llavero.

Proximity device to open the gate by smartphone, tablets.


Entre las prestaciones que ofrece Abrebox destacamos las siguientes:

Abrebox main functions are:

  • “Don´t disturb” mode
  • “Push” notifications in your smartphone
  • Video and audio at real time
  • Take pics
  • Management of online incidents
  • Many users
  • Gestión de accesos temporales orientados a espacios de uso turístico.
  • Management of temporary access to tourist use.
  • Own WIFI network.

At last this could be the point and the end of intercom that we are used to have at home.


WAy Fi intercom by Fermax

One upon a time when the intercoms, installed at home, were big machines with bad quality and it sounded so bad. Just you could talk and open the door. Now the technology bring us a lot of functions on our intercoms. Do you want to know what you could do with them?


The new intercoms allow us to control who is coming at home wherever we are. We need a WIFI, 3G or 4G connection in our smartphone to get the control of the intercom.

Fermax develops a new model, WAY -FI, that is managed by smartphone App. You find it to iOS and Android system, and you could answer a call wherever you are.  You could open the gate, take pics and look at real time.


Because sometimes there are many doors or we live in a very big house, WAY-FI system could add some devices.

From street pannel we could connect a device to open de automatic gate. We could control the pedestrian an garage gate by smartphone. Likewise, we could connect until 3 screens to be put in differents areas of home.


If you want to know everything about this system, here you are the technical features of WAY-FI  by Fermax:

  • Sizes: 94 x 162 x 34 mm (with visor)
  • IP / IK: IP 44 / IK 07
  • Electric opening activation: Yes
  • Camera: CMOS, 900TVL resolution. Big angular (H=120º; V=72º). White leds with light sensor.
  • Card-wallet and push botton with blue led backlighting.
  • Extra street pannel: Yes (1 extra)
  • Extra analogic camera: (1 echa street pannel)
  • Electric consume: 250mA in maintenance


  • Sizes: 222 x 154 x 10 mm
  • 7″ Touchness screen (panoramic format 16:09) 1024 x 600 pixels resolution. LCD IPS technology. Easy interface to users.
  • Door bell connections: Yes
  • Don´t disturb mode: Yes. Start-up at the moment or self-timer
  • Take pics:  Yes. 100 pics without Micro SD card (not included in the kit) Pic scould be copy in a Micro SD card.
  • Video capture: Yes. You´ll need a Micro SD card of 8-32Gb, not included in the kit. until 128 videos of 15 seconds.
  • Calls record (date and time): Yes. Pics and videos are stored with date and time.
  • Inside intercom function: Yes. Only between screens (not smartphone)
  • CCTV cameras compatibility : Yes.
  • Connections: Bus (B, B); Door bell (GND, BELL); Micro SD (–32Gb) slot, Micro USB plug, wire included.

Because now we could write INTERCOM in capital letters.


data protection law

We have many questions about the new protection data´s law when you want to install a surveillance camera. We´re going to give you some information about it and helps to avoid future problems.

Protection and security is a priority goal to private areas, but we couldn´t do everything we want to get it.

Since Omnibus Law (Ley 25/2009) where it´s not necessary a especialised company to install surveillance system, we find a lot of installations that break the law.


Surveillance system wants to guarantee the people and facilities security. So, the public interest legalises the treatment of personal images.

The RGPD law, in 5th article, says that personal images and datas are taking to the certain goal and not others. This is calling “datas minimisation”, we could get datas but just the necessary datas to keep to security guarantee.


New Data Protection Law says that it´s not allowed to get images from public areas.

Just they could be taken if they are indispensable to get the installation´s goal or there aren´t options to change their location.


RGPD law says that we must to select a Protection Data Responsible who have to develop a proactive attitude. Now, it isn´t necessary to register the installation into Agencia Española de Protección de Datos; but the resposible has to keep a Activities Register. It could be on paper or digital forma, but always it has next information:

Owner of system Name and data contact of responsible
Activity Surveillance
Regultation Art. 6,1e del RGPD
Goal of images To guarantee of personal security, things and facilities
Responsible Email
Personal data categories Images
Categories of victim For explample, clients, workers…
Information about technical measures of security Information about them
Recipient of communcations, international coorps, third countries included. Security Corps, Courts and Tribunals
 International transfers. Guarantee documentations in case 49.1 Doesn´t exist
When it would be possible, steps to delete the different datas. After a month, except communication of Security Corps, Courts and/or Tribunals.

Remember that this internal document has to be at Control Autority disposal.


When we install a surveillance system, we have to fulfil with information right. This is objectified by a panel localed in a visible place.

This panel gets this information:

  • Surveillance area
  • Responsible
  • Posibility to exercise the rights in art 15 and art. 22 of RGPD.
  • Where we could get more information about personal data.
  •  All necessary information

You could download the panel here.


The new RGPD law has deleted the 1/2006 regulation. Just the art. 6 still goes on. This article inform that the presevation of images, inside the recorder, is 1 month.


The communities are the owners and resposible of surveillance system installed inside them. They have to take care about obligations of new regulation.

The cameras only could record the common areas of community. They could´t record the public areas, except then entrances and exists. It isnt´t allowed to record private house or fileds.

Responsible persons will have special considerations:

  •  Intallation of informative pannels around the surveillance area.
  •  The access to images is limited to designed person from the community.
  • The authorised person could access to images by a Internet connection using a login/password.
  • All information will be aviable at recpetion, advices pannels, consierge…
  •  It could be installed cameras at pools and spa to security and healthy guarantee, if the cameras focus public areas and not the locker room and bathrooms.

If we talk about parking area, as private area in a common space, your cameras only could focus your place. You could focus outside your area with previous authorisation.


The RGPD regulation isn´t  applied when the images exceed the domestic and private use. So, there aren´t out the images that are known by uncertain group of people.

For example, if a company join in RRSS isn´t exempt and the lay would be applied. Also, it would be applied if the images hurt the rights of people.


Since March, Powermatic has cancelled the annual term in all maintenance contract. Until now, the renewall was annual, then the communities with maintenance contrac had to get it during a year.

We have deciced to change this rule and it will be applied to existing contracts and future.


You could enjoy the maintenance contract with some adventages.

  • Regular reviews: it´s very important to have ready our automatic gate. Our contracts offer a bimensual review of all gate devices and its automatism.
  • 24 hours asistance: Powermatic offers the technical assitance within 24 hours, since the momento of calling. It has included weekends and holidays.
  • Free technical hour: the contrat includes a free technical asistance.


Powermatic trabajamo has two diffetent maintenance contracts to communities and private houses:

  • Preventive contract: it includes the asistance before 24 hours, free technical hour and regular review.
  • Risk contract: it´s like the preventive contract and free needed material to solve the incident.

Por menos de 1€ al día, pueden tener tu puerta cubierta y en plena forma. 1€ per day you coud hve your gate ready and safe.

Contact us about prices!


Google Assitant

Perphaps, our country is discovering all the functions of the voice assistants, but there are places like USA where these devices are integrated day-to-day.

Para aquellos que no estéis familiarizados con los asistentes de voz, hablamos de un asistente virtual con inteligencia artificial que, a través de conversaciones bidireccionales, permite comunicarse con el dispositivo por voz y éste procesa, interpreta y responde al usuario.

The devices mostly known are: Siri by Apple, Google Assistant by Google, Alexa by Amazon and Cortana by  Microsoft.

These software are integrated in differents hardwares, for example:

  1.  Smart speakers like Amazing Echo, Google Home or Microsoft.
  2. Messages App like M by Facebook Messengers.
  3. Integrated software in systems like Siri, Cortana or Google Allo.
  4. Electrical appliance, vehicles, smart watches, clothes…

Today we´re going to talk about Google´s voice assitant, Google Assistant.

There is a fight with the others voice assistants to get the first place on this sector. Google has done a big investment an it gets to be on the top of them:

Time to Answer: Google Assistant offers faster answer than the other assitants.

Background Noise: Google Assistant and Siri work so good with background noises.

Best results: Google gives better results than Alexa. Google uses its onw searcher to give better results. Meanwhile, Amazon assitant looks for around its webs and showed products.

Integration: the integration is a key element. Google Assistant is ready to be used by Android or iOS system, meanwhile Siri only works with iOS system.

Personalized results: Google has a lot of personal data, it doesn´t mean that it hasn´t privacity, when you looking for something. Then, it could give you a personalized results.

Cost/Quality Balance: with a price of 120€, Google speaker isn´t the cheapest device, as Alexa is, but it doesn´t get the 350€ of Apple assistant. It´s a great balance of quality/price.


If we think what could Google Home do for us if we install it at home, we´ll discover that:

– We connect it with the automatic shutters and we could open and close them with our voice.

– We connect it with our automatic garage gates and with our voice we could open and close the home access.

Electric devices could be connected and we could swith on without force.

This is only the begining of a technology with a great future.