Powermatic has a biomietric system to control the access and presence. This system uses a last technology of optical scanner and fingerprint.
Biometric identification terminal could:
Identification 1 versus N: user is identified by fingerprint.
Verification 1 versus 1: user has to introduce the fingerprint and extra data, for explame: number code, to incresase the security. Enter and exit datas are registered and they could be export easly.
Biometric terminals could be used to:
Office or Company Access: you could control the access to authorized people. Cards or codes could be lost or stolen.
Presence Control, Schedule Control: You could control the enter/exit of your employees and prevent frauds. Management and accounting of extra hours, etc.
Communities: it´s a easy and fast way to access to communities and you will not use extra keys.
Schools, High-Schools and Universities Access: it´s a great management wihout frauds about the presence in education centers.
Hotels: we could control who access to hotel and to private areas. It´s a extra security system to hotel clients. Also, you could set a schedule to access to service team etc.



Biometric terminal with a lot of functions. You could install outside becasuse it has IP65 protection. Faster CPU, more RAM memory, faster identification, more events.



New Facepass Pro reader is a great innovation. You could use it to control the access, to control the schedule of employees.



Nitgen Finkey biometrical is a very competitive device with a lot of services. You could install it outside, withe IP65 protecction. It has a fast software, big RAM memory, different designs and registers.

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