ISEO ZERO system is a new range of electronic products to revolutionize the way to understand and manage the security.
It´s a group of solutions characterized by the high technology of all devices and the soft/easy using. ISEO ZERO devises are conecting together.
It´s different becasue it has easy installation, technical support, techno solutions about access control and recognitions terms.



Aries Electronic handle is a system to manage easily all gates by a card. You could allow or not to access and you could give a temorary access, too.

Libra electronic cylinder is a access control syste with a credentials reader, Multistandard RFID, and a led signal. Easy and fast installation and replacement, without wires (works by batteries) .

Stylos electronic keypad is a integrated system to off-line control accesso. It´s a great option to little companies, offices and private properties.

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