Winkhauss Bluecompact is a new system that help your home to become a smart place from the beginning. This system has a lot of advantages:
• We could use the same key until 25 different cylinders. You could have just 1 key to open our house, our office, our summer house, our storage…
• We could give or remote authorization to each key from App and without limits.
• We could cancel a key if it´s lost.
• System could manage until 25 cylinders and 99 keys.
• Opening, closing and trying events (until 2.000) are registered in the cylinder memory. You could test them.
• Keys can´t be copied because only tge admin profile could authorize it.
• You could authorize to access wherever you are to a special keys called “active”
• All the data are storaged inside the “masterkey”. This is a maximun security system.
We let you a link with a information video to know how you could install and set Winkhaus system.

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