Keypad is system with a low security level but so useful to private access. You could open your gate without a fob, proximity card or key.
We have system with conection by wiring or radio frecuency. Last option doesn´t need a wire instalation.
Keypad could open the automatic gate afeter press a number combination of 6 digits.
System has light in the keypad to help you with the night darkness.

Digital key safe box to be fixed on the wall, with bluetooth. You could open and control with your smartphone, temporary or permanent codes

HomeTecProc automatic device gives you the option to open and close your doors without keys.

CFT3000 wireless keypad to open and close the door. You have to pick a code. You could update temporary authorizations.



This box is used to keep keys and cards. It´s a safety and smart solutions to keep the keys.



Via radio keypad is a system that doesn´t need to be wired until the engine. It works like a fob and it´s suitable with NICE FLO receivers. It has a range of 25m (outside area) and 15m (inside area)

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