Opening by phone could be a lost call, without charge because the system recognizes the authorized telephone number, it´ll use the busy tone and it´ll open the authomatic gate.
Also we have smartphones app to active and look the gate at the monento. This system gives peace of mind to users.
These systems are very trusted and easy to set and use by all users.
If the number isn´t authorized, the system shall not open the gate. You could set the system by SMS messages without displacement.
This system could be use to send SMS messages to inform about notices, ELECTRIC FAIL GATE WITHOUT ELECTRICITY, ACTIVATED ALARM, etc.
In case of use an integrated battery, you could use it without electricity supply, so system informs you about power failfure or alarmn when the gate is opened for a long time.



Gogogate is a remote opening syatem from your smartphone and wherever you are. The system is managed by free App.



Open Phone system help you to open the gate by a call. The device has to have installed a SIM card and the line actived.

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