sistema seguridad cctv

We know to feel our neighbours safer we have to get a surveillance system. Cameras are useful as disuassive element to thieves or vandalistic actions. Also, they are so useful to get a better communal living between neighbours.

To get everyting goes good, we need to have a well designed, defined and installed system. Now, we are going to look over the elements you have to be careful if you want an outstanding installation.


Always you should choose a correct intalling company. If you look for a specialised or well known, you´ll get a sucessfull system.


Your choosen components must be adapted to your needs. Your keep in mind, for example,  all cameras aren´t the same and they are usefull to all situations. Our suggestion: leave you to be avised by specialised company.


It´s very important to know where you´ll fix your cameras. So, you aren´t a hurry and look the area and think about it so good. A perfect positioning help you to get a great effetiveness.


Conservar correctamente las grabaciones va marcar la diferencia entre la eficacia y la inutilidad. Debes asegurarte de que tu sistema grabe 24h, los 365 días del año. De esta manera podrás resolver problemas, ayudar en las investigaciones policiales, etc.

To kepp safe the recordings give you the difference bewteen effectiveness and uselessness. You have to be sure that your system records 24h, 365 days. Then, you could solve problems and you could help police investigations, etc.


Installation must run 24 hours and it mustn´t fail to keep its effetiveness, so you´ll need a system to monitor the system.


You have to get  periodic maintenance to avoid a lot of problems. Each revew helps you to located future fails. We suggest you a bimestral maintenace, at least, where you could get a diagnosis of each element.


We suggest you to install a modular system. If you have an installation that allows to add new elements, this system helps you with future needs. You could adapt your surveillance system to possible changes.


Your installation must to obey the regulations about data protection and surveillance. You have to keep in mind with:

  • Ley Orgánica 3/2018, 5th December, Personal Data Protection and Digital Rights.
  • Instruction 1/2006 of AGPD – Spanish Data Protection Agency.

Some advices to enjoy with a great installation at your home and to get the best safety.


componentes sistema CCTV components

To discover the components of surveillance system is a confusing, but necessary, issue. To know all their characteristics, functions and possibilities is something essencial to get our goal: increase the security.

En este artículo nos detendremos en alguno de los elementos del sistema CCTV para ver sus prestaciones y las diferentes opciones existentes. Una pequeña guía para entender si un presupuesto se adapta a nuestras necesidades o no.

In this article we´ll see some elements of CCTV system to know their feautres, and different options. A little guide to  understand if a quotations is adapted to our needs or not.


Cameras are one the components visiblest of a CCTV system. The technologic evolutions has been so fast, so now we could find endless options. We are going to show the feautes you have to keep in mind when we look for our camera:

  • Power supplying: we could find cameras that work to 200VCA, 24VAC or 12VCC. We have to be care of this info to don´t have a mistake.
  • Sensor kind: we have to know about CCD sensor, catch white/black signs, and CMOS that catch white, black and infrarred signs.
  • Resolution: it calculates the quality of  the details are watching, it means, the image definition. The standard resolution of a CCTV camera is 420TVL (TV lines) it´s above the average of cameras.
  • Film Speed: it informs about the minium light we need to get a video sign. It measures by LUX. We have to think where we fix the camara and what we want to record to choose a goof film speed.
  • Lents: to know wich lent is perfect us, we have to know the distance between camera and place recorded, and the light of the area. We could distinguish:
    • Fixed iris: to cameras located outside where light is stable.
    • Manual variable iris: to cameras located inside where the light could change.
    • Autoiris: it´s perfect to cameras located outside, where they auto- adjust to get always a good quality, ilumination doen´t care.
    • Fixed lents: we choose them when we know perfectly that this lent is correct. After that, it couldn´t be changed.
    • Varifocales: cuando el campo de visión es inseguro y debemos colocar primero el sistema para definirlo, recurriremos a las cámaras varifocales. Éstas permiten modificaciones posteriores.
    • Varifocal lents: when the recorded area isn´t clear, first we have to installa a system to define it, that we´ll get varifocal cameras. They allow to do following changes.
    • Zoom: Perfect cameras when we need to take close and far images alternately.


Otro de los componentes esenciales en el sistema de CCTV son los monitores.  Sin tener tantas opciones como en las cámaras, hay varios elementos que debemos tener en cuenta. La división básica que nos encontramos son:

Other important components of CCTV system are the sreens. There aren´t many options like cameras, but there are some element that we have to keep in mind. Basic divison is:

  • Black and white: this sreen give us a better resolution.
  • Colour: with this screen we´ll watch the things better.

If we need to watch  a lot of details, we´ll need a great resolution, that we´ll select a black/white screen. But if we want to identify things and/or people, we´ll get a colour screen.

Sreen size is a element to keep in mind. Measuring is made by inches and we keep in mind the screen diagonal. The sizes most used are the 9″ (23cm) and 12″(31). Also there are smaller screen, 5″ and 7″, to watching systems.

We could watch some cameras in the same screen if we use QUAD compressor and multiplexor. This technology digitalises the imagen and after that, each imagen is compressed in each existing quadrant. The sign is synchronised and we could watch at the same time, 4 different cameras.


CCTV system has different components conected each other. It doesn´t mean that all wires are correct, anywhere is good to put wires, or you need wires in your installation.

So, transmission could be done by:

  • Coaxial wire: this cable avoids elctromagnetic interferences beyond 50kHz. If we use this wire, it has to be fixed, minimum, 30cm apart others. Interference is showed with horizontal lines that cross the screen from the end of it until its top.
  • UTP wire: it used to installations where the distance beteween components is 200 meters and more. A wire could connect until 4 cameras. If we use it with system where needs 70 meter of wiring, we´ll reduce the cost of instalaltion.
  • Wireless link:  this system allow a good transmisson along 100 and 800 meters. Usual frecunecy is 1Ghz and 10GHz. Although a 6Mhz or 7Mhz is enough to get a good quality.


We have two big groups of recording equipment:

  • Analogue: although we have a system that records digitally, we´ll have an analogue system if the image transmission is made by wire.
  • Digital: we could watch the images from anywhere and don´t need to wire a screens network.

If we add some components like multiplexo, we could see until 32 cameras in the same screen. Everythin at the same time.


These are the  essential faeatures you have to keep in mind when you go to choose the CCTV components:

  • How many cameras you system accepts?
  • How many images per second could the system record?
  • Storage capacity.
  • What is the input to audio recording?
  • Movement detection.
  • Recording by date, day and hour.
  • Alarm input.
  • Images sizes: 160x120px, 320x240px, 640x480px.
  • Types and number of output
  • Remote connection by networr: web browser or client software.
  •  Recording speed options.


guía protección datos personales

This guide wants to help you to understand the present law Reglamento Europeo y del Consejo de 27 de Abril del 2016 2016/679. So, we´re going to show the citizens rights about protection datas in EU. This information considers the rights form the law Ley Orgánica 3/2018 of 5th December of2018, too.


Some years ago, before masive use of Internet and computing,  information was stored by company, like personal data, was limited. Files was composed by address, ID number, marital status and telephone number.

Step by step, administration and private companies added more and more information to their files, datas like: bank details, credit card details, email, health information and life styles.

Last years, incorportation of datas to this kind of files has been masive. New tools to process these datas and new technologies have been a truly revolution in our society. Many times we give more information that it´s required. Then, they could know all of our insterests, family situation, work situations… So, it has been necessary to develop a new European Regulation to limit this activity. Especially to fix civil and penal responsabilities.


Development of new technologies has done necessary to update the European Regulation 46/1995 of 24/11/1995, with a new Regulation and a lay Ley Orgánica 3/2015 of 5th December to Data Protection.

These new limitations weren´t well accepted by some USA companies, that wanted the autocontrol about data protection.  Some of them like Facebook, Google or Apple never felt good with kind of limitations. In spite of this, they offered their services to UE members.

To avoid this control, they joined under SAFE HARBOR agreement. It meant that the comany received  a “presumption of adapation”  to avoid the limits of European Regulation.

Fortunately, the EU Court, 6th October of 2015, found SAFE HARBOR invalid, then the companies had to get a protection of users rights and to adapt their service to new regulation.


The purpose of Regulation  46/1995 of 24/11/1995, the European Purpose and Conceil of 27th April of 2016 and Spanish Law 3/2018 del 5th December of 2018 is:

  •  To protect personal datas.
  • To protect the human rights.
  • To control the information about personal data.

The laws are created beacuse the companies store too much information. These laws come late, but the speed of technologies does complicate to forsee to situations.

EU members have new laws to protect and to make companies inform previously about the datas that they store. Also the laws make companies use properly the information, respect the law and keep safe  the files that they manage.

The file managers have to give clear information, before and after to collect personal datas. Also they have to inform if the infomation takes a risk.


Kids have a special protection. This treatment is legal when the agreement is given by the legal guardian. The agreement has to be clear by the legal guardian.

Some personal datas always must be prohibited to proccess. We are talking about ethnic details, politics, religious, sexual or genetic details. It could be an exception when there is a explicit agreement to:

  • To have a affiliation to some services.
  • To protect vital people´s interests.

Special attention has the medical datas that are necessary to evaluate the work capacity, medical diagnosis, etc. Workers know the results of medical test , but the company couldn´t access to them. The only result shall be known if the worker could develop correctly his work or not.

People have to know:

  • Who is the file´s owner.
  • Which datas are stored.
  • Which is the file purpose.
  • Which are the possible recipients.
  • How long are the data going to be sotered

If the datas are collected without the authorizations of people, they could carry out their rigjts to know where the datas come from.

The interested person has always the right to change the imprecise datas, and to supress them.


It has been necessary to create, in Spain, a control authority: AGENCIA DE PROTECCIÓN DE DATOS ESPAÑOLA. The agency watchs over the respect and compliance of those laws. To be sure about this compliance, it has been necesassry to create some penalise laws.

Companies have to define who are the file responsibles and whis is their liability.

The Regulations sets 3 different levels to sort  the infractions: mild, serious, so serious. Pescription deadlines are:

  • 3 years to “So Serious” penalties.
  • 2 year to “Serious” penalties.
  • 1 year to “Mild” penalties.

The files responsible have to keep safe all the registered datas. Law unfulfilment has a penalty until 20.000.000 € or 4% of  invoicing.

Big companies has been setenced with millionaire penalties beause they did bad use of information. Also, small companies are sentenced beacuse they send emails to clients and breaking thery rignts, as you could check in this link.


Newness of this law is the forget right.  Citizens could require to delete the obsolete or inexact information, even though it was true. It´s never be something easy. Sometimes, it usally prevails the right information above the personal rights, especailly if we talk about famous and public person.

Also, we could order the forget right when the datas have been collect by illict ways or without authorization.


Overall, companies could collect the required datas to develop their activity. The could do it if the worker privacy is not invaded.

First hot point is to collect images from work areas or work vehicles.  Usually, this practice is allowed if the cameras respect the Agencia de Protección de Datos´s rules. Recordings have to be justified and and don´t invade the workers privacy. These recordings don´t catch sounds and the cameras couldn´t be installed in toilets or relaxing areas.

In these moments, geolocations are very important to the company. Devices intalled in work vehicles could collecy movement information. It´s logical if  these datas are necessary to develop activities. Devices never could catch sounds.

Cameras installation or geolocations device have to be notified previously. It is illegal to have hidden sytem without previous information.


Agencia Española de Protección de Datos has an easy and practical guide to inform about all you need to install security cameras. You could take a look this link.

With the new regulations, you don´t have to register the installation at the Agencia Española de Protección de Datos. It has been replace for a file with the resposible and activities details. It has to be aviable to autorities required.

The security cameras have to be indicated on the entrances. Then, affeted people always know tthat there are cameras working and they look the informative pannel. This pannel has to inform about responsible´s file details.

Storage of these images musn´t exceed 30 days,  except images collect from Police and they are neccesary to investigations.

If there are people want to access the installation, the responsible has to make a record of the person that wants to access and a photo of him. The responsible never gives access to images form other persons.

Some companies or public departments have to be obliged to install a surveillance system. For example, electric or water supply companies, bank sector, jewellery shops or security companies.  They have to obey the sector regulations.

Communities could install security cameras in private areas. They have to limit the records to accesa areas, public streets. This images couldn´t be watched on communal channels.


Averías frecuentes CCTV

When you need to display images form a security camera, sometimes and often you couldn´t do it. Security cameras to surveillance or access control need a maintenance to dicrease the risk and failures. We´re going to show you the common failures that we use to find.


fallo eléctrico

Cameras and recordings need a electric supply. If the supply system fails, it couldn´t store the images.

Our suggestion is that you install a SAI ( Ininterrupted Supply System) that gives electricity to recording when there is a electric failure. Also you will get to keep safe the electronic devices.


Hard Disk  stores the images, it´s call  HDD (Hard Disk Drive) and ithas a limit capacity. When it´s full, the images are rewriten wih the new récords.disco duro averidado The number of rewritings is variable and as you know, everything has a lifetime. So sometimes the system is connected, cameras could be displayed but they aren´t been recording in the hard disk.


Recording takes images from different installedcameras. It processes and stores them during programmed time.cámara lente sucia Sometime the problem could be caused because the camera hasn´t electric supply or the energy power is damaged.

Sometimes you could find dirty or unfocused lens. It happens when cameras are localed on outside areas. You have to check and clean frecuently the lens to get always a good quality images.


It´s usual that security cameras are connected to recordings by a 5/6 wire or UTP wire. These wires could be installed inside a pipe and to cross cable deterioradothough union box. Humidity could damage, passing of time, the material of wiring.

Also, it´s usual that rodents brake the wiring and they leave the recording without connection . 


Security cameras are supplied by low voltage. It means that we need a littlefuente alimentación averiada trasnformer between the outside power supply and our device. Sometime, the problem comes from this transformer, like everything it has a lifetime too.

For all these reasons we suggest to do a regular and programmed maintenace of your CCTV systems. If yoy don´t do it, maybe when you´ll need to get some images,  your equipment shall not to be recording.


cámara de videovigilancia security cameras

It is difficult to have a video surveillance system well adapted to our needs. This sector has a large range of posibilities, so we could choose since a simple camera until  tricky installations with domotic devices.

Let´s go to see cameras, a device with a lot of posibilities and versions. What kind of cameras are there? What have we to know about them?… Today, we´re going to explain averything.


We could be lost inside the ocean of different models, so we have to be clear with the use of cameras.

To start the selection and dismiss models, we could think about the angle view that we´ll need. Then, we´ll know if we have to looking for big angle cameras, 360º, etc.

If we need something more sofisticated, we could find cameras that detect movements, or night view cameras.

Always you have to bear in mind cameras have to be configured, so if you get ones with easy setting, it´s avoid you to contact with qualified people to work them.


We´ll show you a cameras listing that you could find:

  • Inside Cameras: They are cheapest and easiest models that you´ll find.
  • Movement or Zoom Cameras: these are the best cameras if you want to control large areas.
  • Night View Cameras: they use a led system to get a good quality. These devices are so expensive.
  • Hiding Cameras: we are talking about integrated cameras inside different objets. They are used to police investigations and they are usefull to that.
  • IP Cameras: they are the most popular model at the moment. They could send images by Internet.
  • Tamper-proof Cameras: they have fixed cover mades by a strong material.
  • WIFI/Wireless Cameras: say goodbye to complex system and meters of wiring. These cameras work by batteries and don´t need power supplier.
  • Outside Cameras: they seem a tamper-proof camera but their are made to hold out bad weather.

Other listing is about the location. Then, we´ll have:

  • Cube Cameras: to outside areas.
  • Box Cameras: to inside areas.
  • Bullet Cameras: they are perfect to outside areas.
  • Domo Cameras: they are ready to outisde and inside areas as well.


There are some elements to bear in mind when we´ll fix our new cameras:

  • We have to find a visible place, then we´ll get a deterrent effect to thieves.
  • A great place to fix the cameras is the access ways. We have to be care that cameras don´t take image of private areas.
  • Perfect height is around 2.5m, we´ll get a great angle to have a good view and control.


A videosurveillance system could give you great advantages:

  • Since psychological view, a CCTV system could give you an extra calm and you´ll feel safier. It´s a derrent element.
  • We could control everything. The cameras record every moment 24/7.
  • To get a surveillance system doen´t mean that you have to pay a lot of money.  You´ll find a differents prices, since a simple installation until complex with domotic devices.
  • Images recorded give us aditional information to help with community problems.


Probably, when you ´re goin to get a camera, you could buy a complete CCTV kit.  It´s a great option, that you´ll find everyting to have and manage a surveillance system. There are some elements you will bear in mind:

  • Recorder: it informs about number of channels, cameras that system shall have.
  • Connectivity: today the WIFI CCTV is the best option.
  • Image Quality: we suggest to get a HD camera to 1080 px.
  • Hard Disk : to save the images, 1TB is enought to 8 channels instalation.

We hope to clear your mind and help you to get a good decision.



Squatting becomes, last years, a big worry. This concers affects to owners, neighbours and spanish society at all. All of us meet families with second residences, close to the beach or mountain, that are exposed along  the year to this problem.

The late answer form Spanish Tribunals and squatter´s impunity bring to squatting the easiest options to enjoy a house without costs. Prevention is the best way to avoid and fight this situation. We bring you some advices to prevent squatting.


It seems obviousness, but there are a lo of houses and plots that are been ocuppied beacuse the community´s external gates aren´t good locked. Other worry situation is when the automatic gate are been opened, by neighbourds negligence, and external people could come in to the urbanization.

To avoid these situations we just need the colaboration of neighbourdhood. Also, there are a lot of automatic gates that ensure the perfect closing for good price.


To get an access system that prohibit the keys/fobs copies by unauthorised people, it´s the focus to incease our security.

En  nuestra web puedes encontrar  el sistema perfecto para evitar la copia no autorizada de llaves, Winkhaus BlueCompact,  y mandos que no se pueden duplicar sin permiso,

Visit our website and you´find a perfect system to avoid the unauthorised key copies, Winkhaus BlueCompact, and fobs that couldn´t be copied without authorisation.


If we have a surveillance system installed, we´ll help to decrease the old disagreements between neighbours. The scratchs or punctures on the cars arent´s usual as time beofre.

A surveillance cameras in communities avoid to unathorised poeople to access and squat the houses. Squatters avoid to force entrances to open when they are under surveillance system.


It´s better prevent than treat it, and the alarm´s cost, in this moment, are very cheap. You could get one since 49€ per month.

If you have a squatting, the alarm system sends an alert, at the moment, to receiver central where they verify if it´s a robbery or squatting.


protección de datos en cctv

With the new Data Protection Regulation, last 25th May of 2018, the surveillance sector has changed some elements. We have to be clear with our steps to comply with the law, when we are installing the CCTV system and with the recorder images from it.

This new regulation is loooking for to be adapted to Regulation (UE) 2016/679 European Parlament and Council of 27th April 2016, about the protection of personal datas and free flow of them

In this article we´ll see how the surveillance sector is affected by new Data Protection Regulation.


Since year, when we installed CCTV system we had to inform to Agencia Española de Protección de DAtos. NOTA system, did remember? guided us to fullfil the form and after that we sent to AEPD.

Now, with new Data Protection Regulation, you don´t need this notification. Only you have to fullfil an internal document. It´s explained in 30th article of the new regulation.


Each responsible person, or agent, takes note of the activities done by his responsability. This register shall have the next information:

  • The name and contact deails of responsible, co-responsible, the agent and data protection delegate.
  • The purpose of the system.
  • The categories description of interested, personal datas of categories, the recipients data, third countries and international organizations too.
  • In case of datas transfer to a third country and international organization, we have to inform about that country and/or organization and the documentation (49th article, 1st section, 2nd paragraph)
  • Preview perdiods to delete the data categories, when it could be possible.
  • Description of security measures (32nd article, 1st section) when it could be possible.

The register shall have:

  • The name and contact deails of responsible, co-responsible, the agent and data protection delegate.
  • Las categorías de tratamientos efectuados por cuenta de cada responsable. 
  • The type of processing made  by each responsible.
  • En el caso de trasferencia de datos a un tercer país u organización internacional, se ha de identificar dicho país y/u organización junto con la documentación de garantías adecuadas (recogido en el Artículo 49, apartado 1º, párrafo 2º)
  • Description of security measures (32nd article, 1st section) when it could be possible.

Above information has to be on paper and electronic format. Also, the responsibles have to make aviable to Authority.

Everything, looking until now, isn´t obligatory to companies with less than 250 employees. Unless it is a risk to freedoms and rights of them.


We´re going to stand out the aspects of new regulation that affect to surveillance installation:

  • Cameras location: recorder imagenes have to respect the relax and private areas.
  • Screens location: screens have to be located inside limited area.
  • Saved images: the images will be saved for a month.
  • Duty to inform: we have to inform about the CCTV installaton by a informative poster. This element is composed by a pictogram and text where inform how you could access to replace your data.
  • Schedule control: we have to inform the employees if the cameras are used to control entrances and exits.
  • Right to access to images: you could order it with a ID copy, date and hour that you want to see. The images don´t be showed directly to others. If they couldn´t be watched, we have to give a document with this information.

Here you are a link with a guide form AEPD to help you to supplement the information.




Powermatic is always looking for the lastest trends and innovations to increase its catalogue with the best productos. For that reason, today we present you the eyefish camera.

With a panoramic vision, this surveillance camera becomes the perfect and mostly demanded solutions to commerce and little/medium companies.

It has a perfect design against vandalistic forces, specially whe it´s installed in crowded areas like stores. In these commerces there are a lot of clothes racks that need to be controled.

This technology has been developmented by Hinkvision, a chinese company that is present around the world. The success of eyefish camera is based in 5 reason:

  • Increase the security of your bussiness: eyefish camera turns the surveillance system into a monitoring tool to control your employees and clients.
  • Help to increase the productivity: thanks to big angular vision, we could look our team journey. Likewise, we could value the productivity and involvement level of our employees.
  • Improvement of facilities: we could have a general vision, form our eyfish camera, and we could optimize the work areas and delete the obstacles that are detrimentals to employees.
  • Forsee the lossings of your business: the camera helps us detect something irregularity. Also, we could find quickly a fire and/or flood.
  • Boost deterrence: althought is a small device and sometimes you don´t see it, the theft professionals could see it and tunr down to act.


If you love the specifications, we let you all the technical details of this great surveillance camera:

  • Image sensor 1/3” CMOS
  • Min. illumination 0.001 Lux
  • 1.6mm len. Big angle vision 186° (horizontal), 106° (vertical)
  • Video chusing H.264/MJPEG
  • Max. resolution 2560 x 1440
  • BLC/ 3D DNR/ ROI/ Defog
  • SD/SDHC/SDxc Micro slot until 128GB
  • WIFI 2.4 Ghz.
  • Infrared light range: 8 meters.
  • Full HD resolutions, 4 MP
  • Audio alamr suitable.
  • You could access by Ethernet or WIFI from everywhere.
  • IRC technology.

Have you some questions? Powermatic helps you to clarify them and to choose the best camera to your needs.


Google Assitant

Perphaps, our country is discovering all the functions of the voice assistants, but there are places like USA where these devices are integrated day-to-day.

Para aquellos que no estéis familiarizados con los asistentes de voz, hablamos de un asistente virtual con inteligencia artificial que, a través de conversaciones bidireccionales, permite comunicarse con el dispositivo por voz y éste procesa, interpreta y responde al usuario.

The devices mostly known are: Siri by Apple, Google Assistant by Google, Alexa by Amazon and Cortana by  Microsoft.

These software are integrated in differents hardwares, for example:

  1.  Smart speakers like Amazing Echo, Google Home or Microsoft.
  2. Messages App like M by Facebook Messengers.
  3. Integrated software in systems like Siri, Cortana or Google Allo.
  4. Electrical appliance, vehicles, smart watches, clothes…

Today we´re going to talk about Google´s voice assitant, Google Assistant.

There is a fight with the others voice assistants to get the first place on this sector. Google has done a big investment an it gets to be on the top of them:

Time to Answer: Google Assistant offers faster answer than the other assitants.

Background Noise: Google Assistant and Siri work so good with background noises.

Best results: Google gives better results than Alexa. Google uses its onw searcher to give better results. Meanwhile, Amazon assitant looks for around its webs and showed products.

Integration: the integration is a key element. Google Assistant is ready to be used by Android or iOS system, meanwhile Siri only works with iOS system.

Personalized results: Google has a lot of personal data, it doesn´t mean that it hasn´t privacity, when you looking for something. Then, it could give you a personalized results.

Cost/Quality Balance: with a price of 120€, Google speaker isn´t the cheapest device, as Alexa is, but it doesn´t get the 350€ of Apple assistant. It´s a great balance of quality/price.


If we think what could Google Home do for us if we install it at home, we´ll discover that:

– We connect it with the automatic shutters and we could open and close them with our voice.

– We connect it with our automatic garage gates and with our voice we could open and close the home access.

Electric devices could be connected and we could swith on without force.

This is only the begining of a technology with a great future.


surveillance project

If we want to install a surveillance system, in a private house or community, we should be clear about some aspects. How many cameras will we need? What is our budget to get it? We´ll have a lot of doubts about our installation.

Powermatic gives you a list of some points that you have to be clear to get an adparted surveillance system to your needs.


Before we go out to get the best price, it´s necessary to control some datas and aspects. For explame, the perimeter that we´ll need to cover with our surveillance system. It shall determine the numer of cameras and meters of wiring we´ll need.


To get a perfect view from cameras, the location shall be the key. We recommend you to visit the place where we´ll install the CCTV, to look for the best place to set the cameras. We could value if there are element to block the views,  the blid spots, etc. So, we could value the areas light and we could select the correct camera model.


We have to be clear with the infrastucture we have. For example, if we´ll go to install a CCTV with IP, we´ll need a Ethernet network. So, we´ll have to know if we have this network and its conditions. We´ll have some doubts like, are there free ports? could the cameras be charged? etc.


When we finish our installation, we´ll have to define its management. Who, from where… Doubts that will be solve to get a great screem platform.


We have to be sure that servers aren´t be share and they are being working 24h. Also,we recommend you to have system that still working when a electric failure happens.


Always we recommend to contact with qualified technicians to this kind of installation. Join with a qualified team give you a guarantee of good results.


If you get a pre – emptive and regular maintenance, you could extend the good life of your installation.

If you follow these 7 steps you´ll have a clear idea of your needs!