digital cofre

Digital box, with Bluetooth® n.o 5441D, to be fixed on the wall. You coul open and control it by your smartphone, casual or permanent codes. You could see who visit you thought the Apps and notifications.

It´s has a hardware to get an easy installation. It has a great capacity to keep safe cards or keys.

The batteries could be replace easily. With a hard structure and a lined surface to protect the hardware, it works with a free App, Master Lock® Vault Home.


  • Open and control with your smartphone.
  • Master Lock® Vault Home App is designed to personal use and it allows until 10 lockers.
  • You could access by traditional code.
  •  Program the access at the moment or to future.
  •  Give a casual or permanent access.
  • It contains a hardware to get an easy installation.
  • Play your App or web to track the use.
  •  Low battery warning.
  • Battery replacement (CR123A pre-installed)



At pandemic era we are living, to avoid the contact in common areas is beening essential to control Covid-19 spreading. Now, it´s very important to have automatic systems. We are going to bring you some systems to help you with prevention and control needs.


If you want to acces to your home or urbanization without a contact, you could get it easily with an automatic gate. You have to use your reomote control and you could avoid to touch common element, therefore, an important infection focus.

Today there are a lot of designs, materials and ways to works. A great range of options to choose the best to your needs.


We take a step further automation and for it, we add the direct management from our smartphone.

Today there are a lot of applications and system to manange the entrance, exist form your smartphone directly. You control everything and touch nothing, it´s perfect to pandemic time.


If you don´t want to use any device to go into your urbanization, then the carn number plate recognition system is your best option.

A camera, located at the entrance gate or barrier, takes a pic of your car number plate. If it´s in the system´s data base, the gate/barrier will be opened without any device. Zero contact, zero exposure to Covid-19


Pedestrain gates are a critical point this pandemic era. In this time, we tried to open with our foot, elbow; we pushed by the keys or something. Always we avoided to touch the handle of the gate.

There are opening systems by proximity devices. It works by a reader located close to the gate. When you bring closer the tag, the system starts and the gate opens. It´s a way to don´t use the handle anymore.

4 sistemas que puedes implementar y que te ayudarán a esquivar la Covid-19.

4 systems that you could set up and they help you to dodge the Covid-19



Squatting becomes, last years, a big worry. This concers affects to owners, neighbours and spanish society at all. All of us meet families with second residences, close to the beach or mountain, that are exposed along  the year to this problem.

The late answer form Spanish Tribunals and squatter´s impunity bring to squatting the easiest options to enjoy a house without costs. Prevention is the best way to avoid and fight this situation. We bring you some advices to prevent squatting.


It seems obviousness, but there are a lo of houses and plots that are been ocuppied beacuse the community´s external gates aren´t good locked. Other worry situation is when the automatic gate are been opened, by neighbourds negligence, and external people could come in to the urbanization.

To avoid these situations we just need the colaboration of neighbourdhood. Also, there are a lot of automatic gates that ensure the perfect closing for good price.


To get an access system that prohibit the keys/fobs copies by unauthorised people, it´s the focus to incease our security.

En  nuestra web puedes encontrar  el sistema perfecto para evitar la copia no autorizada de llaves, Winkhaus BlueCompact,  y mandos que no se pueden duplicar sin permiso,

Visit our website and you´find a perfect system to avoid the unauthorised key copies, Winkhaus BlueCompact, and fobs that couldn´t be copied without authorisation.


If we have a surveillance system installed, we´ll help to decrease the old disagreements between neighbours. The scratchs or punctures on the cars arent´s usual as time beofre.

A surveillance cameras in communities avoid to unathorised poeople to access and squat the houses. Squatters avoid to force entrances to open when they are under surveillance system.


It´s better prevent than treat it, and the alarm´s cost, in this moment, are very cheap. You could get one since 49€ per month.

If you have a squatting, the alarm system sends an alert, at the moment, to receiver central where they verify if it´s a robbery or squatting.


SICUR 2020

SICUR, Security International Fair, is ready to open its gates. Since next 25th at 28th February, we have a date in IFEMA, Madrid, to discover everything about security, defense, cyber-security, innovation and techno development.

Like top-rated international benchmark, SICUR joins each 2 years associations, proffesionals and users of this sector to exchange projects, future innovations and challenges. This year, SICURS will be composed by 651 exhibitors, and the involvement of 1.344 companies from 81 countries. The perfect meeting to get a comprehensive security.

SICUR will have 4 different areas where, during these working days, we could enjoy with expositions, presentations and debates about challenges, solutions and lastest innovations.


With free access and previous registration, we have to visit HACKER WORLD, 27th and 28th February.  It´s going to be a discuss about cyber-security, showing the threats and solutions to fight cyber-risk.

A conferences, debates and studios area where some experts like Ian Khan or Antonio Ramos will be there. In turn, it´s going to be celebrate showrooms about domotic, smartcities, healthcare and mobility.


It´s an area in SICUR sponsored by CIPHER. It´s destined to develop networking whre the goal is to offer exlusive designed solutions to security system. There are some of the issues that we´ll find:

  • Datas of National Cyber-security.
  • Main working guide and acts.
  • New regulations applied to security networks and information systems.
  • Data treatment. Check the risk and evalue the tax.


In this area, we´ll join the resilience inside of organizations and companies. Understood like the ability to face positively the adverse situacions, the resilience analyzes the abilities and tools that we need to get over the threats.

These days we´ll find: industrial corporations, technologic assistants, training centers, consultant´s office.


It´s a specific area to go-ahead people. In STAR-UPS we could see all proyects and new companies. They could sjow they most innovative ideas. SICUR becomes, to these companies, in a key place to get contacts and meet professionals of this sector.


Automatism and Gates Fair will be celebrate inside SICUR Fair. It will be located at 2nd pavillion, Smartdoor is the best national showroom to discover the last innovations. A space with unique features where we´ll find the commercial challenges of a sector that it´s growing constantly.

These days in Smartdoors, we´ll see the innovations in commercial and industrial gates, automatisms and control systems. It will be showed the domotic systems that create smart spaces where it´s be integrated  the energy manangement, security and communication systems.

Without a doubt, Smartdoors is going to be the perfect place to get commercial relationships. One space where we´ll find all information and we´ll could evaluate the consume and trends of sector.

All this in 4 days that Powermatic doesn´t think to miss it.


Google Assitant

Perphaps, our country is discovering all the functions of the voice assistants, but there are places like USA where these devices are integrated day-to-day.

Para aquellos que no estéis familiarizados con los asistentes de voz, hablamos de un asistente virtual con inteligencia artificial que, a través de conversaciones bidireccionales, permite comunicarse con el dispositivo por voz y éste procesa, interpreta y responde al usuario.

The devices mostly known are: Siri by Apple, Google Assistant by Google, Alexa by Amazon and Cortana by  Microsoft.

These software are integrated in differents hardwares, for example:

  1.  Smart speakers like Amazing Echo, Google Home or Microsoft.
  2. Messages App like M by Facebook Messengers.
  3. Integrated software in systems like Siri, Cortana or Google Allo.
  4. Electrical appliance, vehicles, smart watches, clothes…

Today we´re going to talk about Google´s voice assitant, Google Assistant.

There is a fight with the others voice assistants to get the first place on this sector. Google has done a big investment an it gets to be on the top of them:

Time to Answer: Google Assistant offers faster answer than the other assitants.

Background Noise: Google Assistant and Siri work so good with background noises.

Best results: Google gives better results than Alexa. Google uses its onw searcher to give better results. Meanwhile, Amazon assitant looks for around its webs and showed products.

Integration: the integration is a key element. Google Assistant is ready to be used by Android or iOS system, meanwhile Siri only works with iOS system.

Personalized results: Google has a lot of personal data, it doesn´t mean that it hasn´t privacity, when you looking for something. Then, it could give you a personalized results.

Cost/Quality Balance: with a price of 120€, Google speaker isn´t the cheapest device, as Alexa is, but it doesn´t get the 350€ of Apple assistant. It´s a great balance of quality/price.


If we think what could Google Home do for us if we install it at home, we´ll discover that:

– We connect it with the automatic shutters and we could open and close them with our voice.

– We connect it with our automatic garage gates and with our voice we could open and close the home access.

Electric devices could be connected and we could swith on without force.

This is only the begining of a technology with a great future.


Access control to tourist appartment

Platforms like Airbnb and/or Booking have strirred up the tourist sector. Our model has changed and the offers too. You´ll find tourist appartment in a lot of communities, a legal business but with some problems.

Beyond noises and problems with the regular entrances and exists, you have to think about the security and access of your community. How could you know if there aren´t key copies around the city? Rentals could lose the keys or take with them.

We have a security problem in our community. Powermatic has some systems to help you to solve this problems.

Mecanic keys.

Mecanic keys are like the key that we are used to take with us. These are special because they are made by alpaca to be reforced and it couldn´t be copied out of installing company. We could have a extra control if the owners/rentals could collect the key with an authorisation of the Administration.

Electronic key.

Electronic keys are the revolution of last years. We need to install a electric cylinders before and after that, we could manage and set up the installation. We could select who owner or what keys open some gates. We could personalise the accesses of each key. We could fix or cancel the keys.

Remote control and proximity cards.

There is a technology that give us a remote controls and proximity cards that they couldn´t be copied. We could have a system to register and asociate each remote and card. If you lose your advices, it could be located in the system and cancel it.

 Powermatic is ready to help you to solve the community problems.


tourist appartament

Tourist apartments have been growing up for few years ago. To get the management of them it could be a difficult job. To get a quality service and go on with it, it requirez a lot of dedication and sacrifice by the owners. If they have another job, the compatibility is impossible.

Powermatic shows you 5 options to help you to manage your tourist apartments.


cofre pequeñoIt´s the easiest and cheapest system to avoid movement, to check in and check out. Inside this metal box you could leave the home keys or fobs. When the clients arrives just has to introduce a code to open the box and collect the keys. When the clients go, they leave the kyes inside the box and you could collect them again.

The inconvenience is the low security level. If the box is broken, thief could access at the apparment, even thought it´s not easy to open it.

In this link you could see the features and prices of the device.


It works like mecanic box. The difference is that difital box has a smartphone App that gives you some codes to open the device with digital keypad. Also you could open it with the App when your smartphone is close to the box.

Some features are:

  1. To know the last location of box.
  2. Automatic closing after it´s opened.
  3.  To share a temporary code to have a safe system. When rental is over, the code will be render.

It´s safetier than mecanic box because you could program the automatic closing.

In this link you could see the features and price of the device.


It works like traditional keys, but it has a lot of advantages:

  1.  You could manage the keys as you want.
  2. You could do key copies yourself  by smartphone.
  3.  You could cancel a lost key and you mustn´t change the cylinder.
  4. You could give a temporal key, that it shall works for a delimited time.

When the door is open or closed, this event will be safe in the internal memory (user name, date and hour…)

In this link  you could see the features and price of the device.


With this new cylinders you could:

  1. You could send authorisations to open with virtual keys to clients/guests´s smartpones. Then, they could open by their smartphones.
  2.  You could give limited access.  The key works during the rental time, after that, the key stops to work.
  3. It has a events registrastion, with access information: date, hour, user name.
  4.  The authorisations are given by system administrator, and could accept or deny the access inmedietly.
  5. You could open the door with other devices like cards or proximity cards. All work at the same time.

In this link you coudd see the features and price of the device.


It´s the safetiest and softest system that you´ll find. It´s a mixed of differents system, since a security key until the opening from anywhere by Internet.

The system has a battery supplier to could open and close the gate eventhought there is a power fail.

The main inconvenience is thay you need to do a pre-installation in the gate and it couldn´t be install in all gates.

In this link you could see the features and price of the device.

5 options, 5 solutions to manage your tourist appartments and it isn´t a headache.


rental control access

Technologic innovations burst in tourist apartment´s sector. In addition to offer the apartment throug Airbnb and Booking platforms, we found systems to help you to improve and facilitate the rental experience.

ARGO, smart system to control the access, allows us to manage the access at home from our smartphone. We have in our hand the power to choose who and when someone come in. It´s very usefull in rental sector.

  • Manage the access from smartphone
  • Easy control of user list that we allow to access.
  • Fast notifications of events to control who and when the door was opened.
  • Users personalizing to give them special features or time limitation.
  • Adpatation of devices according to the type of door.
  • It isn´t necessary a extra software.
  • We don´t need to have an Internet connection.
  •  Devices update is made in situ, you don´nt need to strip down the system.
  •  Free Argo App and the updates.
  • Aplicación disponible tanto para IOS como Android. App allows to iOS and Android.

If we have a rental apartment beside the coast and we install this system, what could we do?


We could set up, to each user, a credential with an activation and expired date/hour.

You could set up the credential to be validated since the first use.  Then, you could set days, hours or minutes since first use.


Invitations allow the smarthpones be self-registered like user in the lock. The administrator has to programme an invitation code, it is sended by email. The user has to open Argo App and push the opening door. When the door is open, the smartphone is registered in users list. The code couldn´t be reused.


If we manage a little hotel or a rental apartment, this system allows to check-in at anytime. This offers an unforgetable experience.

To use this service, the owner and guest have to use Argo-Host and Argo-Guest Apps. Host creates a virtal key and he sends it to Argo-Get by email or SMS. When the guest receives the key, he pushes the authorised door and open. With Argo-Host we could cancell the virtual key at any time and send a new one.

Argo-Host functions:

  • Register, in Argo-Cloud, of virtual keys and existing accounts to manage the installation.
  • Register of installation´s locks.
  • Create devices groups.
  • Set up the welcome mesage and client instructions.
  • Set up the check-in/check-out hours.
  • Change and/or delete devices.

Argo-Guest functions:

  • Look the virtual key (user name, installation and time)
  •  Look allowed devices.
  •  Opening by push system.
Focus Self-registration Sending virtual key
User Employees                    Guests
Needed App  ARGO ARGO-Host y ARGO-Guest
Internet Connection No                      Yes
Adminstrator Activity Preparar invitación en la puerta Sending virtual key
Cost Free Pay for use
Credential Unlilmited 30 days
Users 300 Unlimited
 Powematic always has the lastest news. If you have some doubts, we have the solutions.


Powermatic´s fobs

¡No todos los mandos a distancia son iguales! Y no hablamos de sus formas y colores. La manera de emitir, de programarse no siempre es la misma. Por ello en Powermatic queremos ayudaros a descubrir que tipo de mando tenéis entre manos.


A la hora de meternos en el mundo los mandos a distancia, muchos cometemos el error de equivocar la frecuencia que usa nuestro emisor con el código que emite. Si jugamos a las similitudes, la frecuencia sería como la carretera para un coche,el camino que la señal del mando debe seguir para llegar al receptor. Por el contrario, el código sería como la llave con la que abriríamos la puerta de nuestra casa.

La mayoría de los mandos a distancia usan una frecuencia que va desde los 433.92 Mhz a los 868 Mhz. Por regla general, está última frecuencia es la utilizada para instalaciones en lugares de alta seguridad como comisarias, tribunales, etc. ya que se trata de una frecuencia a la que no le afecta los inhibidores. Por tanto, podremos encontrarnos mandos a distancia que aparentemente son iguales pero que emiten por frecuencias diferentes, lo que provocará que uno funcione y otro no.


Te hace falta un mando nuevo y quieres hacer una copia del que tienes, hay llega la primera de las dudas que te van a a asaltar. ¿Tengo un mando de código fijo o cambiante?

El código fijo se descubre al abrir el emisor. En caso de serlo, encontraremos en su interior unos microinterructores colocados en una posición determinadas. La copia de este tipo de mandos es bastante sencilla y no suele dar muchos problemas en el sistema de apertura.

Por el contrario, el sistema de códigos cambiantes, provoca que en cada pulsación que realicemos en el emisor, éste genere un código diferente que el receptor se encarga de descifrar y autorizar. El código de este tipo de mandos a distancia se compone de:

  • Un código instalador, totalmente personalizado y único.
  • Un número interno asignado al mando en concreto.
  • El número de pulsaciones realizadas con el mando hasta el momento.

Esta opción otorga mucha más seguridad ya que solo puede ser manipulado por el instalador.


La copia de mandos no siempre resulta tan fácil como parece. En los emisores de código fijo resulta bastante sencillo, pero el problema llega si lo que tienes entre manos es un mando con código cambiante. Podremos conseguir hacer la copia y convivirán los dos mandos, original y copia. El problema está cuando la copia alcance el mismo número de pulsaciones que el original. Aquí ambos empezarán a dar fallo de manera alternativa. Asimismo, en las comunidades de vecinos, las copias no autorizadas por el instalador pueden causar el bloqueo del sistema y que muchos mandos a distancia dejen de funcionar.

Desde Powermatic siempre aconsejamos contactar con la empresa instaladora a la hora de necesitar un emisor nuevo.




Opening gates by App

Que el smartphone se ha convertido en un elemento esencial para nuestras vidas es toda una obviedad. Contamos con aplicaciones para todo: conectar personas, geolocalización, turismo… y así hasta un sinfín de temáticas.

El sector de la automatización no iba a ser menos y también ha desarrollado aplicaciones y sistemas que nos permiten llevar un control de todo desde nuestro teléfono. ¿Me he dejado la puerta abierta? ¿Quiero ceder mi plaza de garaje? Estas y otras situaciones se solventarán fácilmente con los sistemas que te traemos.


Sistema de apertura y control de la puertas automáticas a distancia. La app del sistema Gogogate está disponible tanto para IOS como Android.  Un sistema de los más completos del mercado. Te permite controlar de manera simultánea hasta 3 puertas automáticas. Tendrás un control absoluto y al instante gracias a su sistema de alertas. Con el Gogogate  puedes limitar los accesos a diferentes usuarios. Desde cualquier parte del mundo visualizarás on time la situación de tus puertas gracias a sus videograbaciones. Por cierto, es necesario contar con WIFI para que el sistema funcione.


Openlock es un sistema sencillo que funciona a través de WIFI. Necesitarás tener conectado un router al sistema de apertura de la puerta, y una vez hecho, tan solo tendrás que descargarte su app. Totalmente compatible con IOS y Android, Openlock es gratuita.Con esta app podrás crear permisos temporales (días, horas) que son perfectos para viviendas o garajes en alquiler. También podrás llevar un control de varias puertas en diferentes localizaciones así como abrir y cerrar de forma remota, sin estar tener que estar cerca.


A diferencia de lo visto hasta ahora, el sistema Sclak tiene una limitación de funcionamiento de 15 metros como máximo. Como administrador podrás dar de alta nuevos usuarios, los cuales pueden ser meros invitados (limitación en tiempo)  o propietarios. Con un funcionamiento vía bluetooth, Sclak  permite la apertura automática cuando te detecte cerca o bien a través de “2 toquecitos” al teléfono. Es un sistema sencillo, con una aplicación compatible para IOS y Android.


Completamos nuestra lista de sistemas de apertura a distancia, a través de smartphone, con Parkingdoor.  Necesitarás instalar el dispositivo inteligente cerca de la puerta. Esta instalación puede ser inalámbrica o a través de cable. Usando Parkingdoor podrás dar de alta a invitados de manera temporal y gestionar varias puertas desde la misma cuenta. Parkingdoor es totalmente compatible con los sistemas de apertura tradicionales, por lo que ante cualquier problema, siempre tendrás una alternativa.