Techno evolution goes on like gigant steps and intercom sector isn´t a exception. Today, we show you a smart intercom to stir up the sector.

Abrebox permite, a través de una conexión WIFI ó 4G, ver hablar y abrir a todo el que visite tu casa. Sin necesidad de cableado, el videoportero Abrebox salva el obstáculo de cablear desde la placa de calle hasta el interior; algo que limitaba mucho en algunas Comunidades o zonas.

Abrebox allows us, by WIF or 4G connection, to talk and open our house. We don´t need wiring installation and it´s very usefull to communities and areas with complicated intallations.


These are the main features of Abrebox system:

  • Wireless: it doesn´t need a wiring.
  • Movement registration
  • Omnipresent: you could answer from your smartphone/tablet wherever you are.
  • Robbery prevention: You could know who is knocking your door and you pretend that you arte at home.
  • Package deception; you could talk with deliver man and open the door or let him an alternative address.
  • Opening withot keys: you could open the door by App.


Abrebox street panel has a elegant, modern and refoce design . It has these features:

Cuenta con una cámara de 2Mpx a color con leds para mejorar la visión nocturna.

It has a 2Mpx colour camera with leds illumination to night vision.

It has a touchless keypad with a 7″ screen.

Lector de proximidad para la apertura de accesos a través de smartphone, tablets y/o llavero.

Proximity device to open the gate by smartphone, tablets.


Entre las prestaciones que ofrece Abrebox destacamos las siguientes:

Abrebox main functions are:

  • “Don´t disturb” mode
  • “Push” notifications in your smartphone
  • Video and audio at real time
  • Take pics
  • Management of online incidents
  • Many users
  • Gestión de accesos temporales orientados a espacios de uso turístico.
  • Management of temporary access to tourist use.
  • Own WIFI network.

At last this could be the point and the end of intercom that we are used to have at home.


WAy Fi intercom by Fermax

One upon a time when the intercoms, installed at home, were big machines with bad quality and it sounded so bad. Just you could talk and open the door. Now the technology bring us a lot of functions on our intercoms. Do you want to know what you could do with them?


The new intercoms allow us to control who is coming at home wherever we are. We need a WIFI, 3G or 4G connection in our smartphone to get the control of the intercom.

Fermax develops a new model, WAY -FI, that is managed by smartphone App. You find it to iOS and Android system, and you could answer a call wherever you are.  You could open the gate, take pics and look at real time.


Because sometimes there are many doors or we live in a very big house, WAY-FI system could add some devices.

From street pannel we could connect a device to open de automatic gate. We could control the pedestrian an garage gate by smartphone. Likewise, we could connect until 3 screens to be put in differents areas of home.


If you want to know everything about this system, here you are the technical features of WAY-FI  by Fermax:

  • Sizes: 94 x 162 x 34 mm (with visor)
  • IP / IK: IP 44 / IK 07
  • Electric opening activation: Yes
  • Camera: CMOS, 900TVL resolution. Big angular (H=120º; V=72º). White leds with light sensor.
  • Card-wallet and push botton with blue led backlighting.
  • Extra street pannel: Yes (1 extra)
  • Extra analogic camera: (1 echa street pannel)
  • Electric consume: 250mA in maintenance


  • Sizes: 222 x 154 x 10 mm
  • 7″ Touchness screen (panoramic format 16:09) 1024 x 600 pixels resolution. LCD IPS technology. Easy interface to users.
  • Door bell connections: Yes
  • Don´t disturb mode: Yes. Start-up at the moment or self-timer
  • Take pics:  Yes. 100 pics without Micro SD card (not included in the kit) Pic scould be copy in a Micro SD card.
  • Video capture: Yes. You´ll need a Micro SD card of 8-32Gb, not included in the kit. until 128 videos of 15 seconds.
  • Calls record (date and time): Yes. Pics and videos are stored with date and time.
  • Inside intercom function: Yes. Only between screens (not smartphone)
  • CCTV cameras compatibility : Yes.
  • Connections: Bus (B, B); Door bell (GND, BELL); Micro SD (–32Gb) slot, Micro USB plug, wire included.

Because now we could write INTERCOM in capital letters.


Google Assitant

Perphaps, our country is discovering all the functions of the voice assistants, but there are places like USA where these devices are integrated day-to-day.

Para aquellos que no estéis familiarizados con los asistentes de voz, hablamos de un asistente virtual con inteligencia artificial que, a través de conversaciones bidireccionales, permite comunicarse con el dispositivo por voz y éste procesa, interpreta y responde al usuario.

The devices mostly known are: Siri by Apple, Google Assistant by Google, Alexa by Amazon and Cortana by  Microsoft.

These software are integrated in differents hardwares, for example:

  1.  Smart speakers like Amazing Echo, Google Home or Microsoft.
  2. Messages App like M by Facebook Messengers.
  3. Integrated software in systems like Siri, Cortana or Google Allo.
  4. Electrical appliance, vehicles, smart watches, clothes…

Today we´re going to talk about Google´s voice assitant, Google Assistant.

There is a fight with the others voice assistants to get the first place on this sector. Google has done a big investment an it gets to be on the top of them:

Time to Answer: Google Assistant offers faster answer than the other assitants.

Background Noise: Google Assistant and Siri work so good with background noises.

Best results: Google gives better results than Alexa. Google uses its onw searcher to give better results. Meanwhile, Amazon assitant looks for around its webs and showed products.

Integration: the integration is a key element. Google Assistant is ready to be used by Android or iOS system, meanwhile Siri only works with iOS system.

Personalized results: Google has a lot of personal data, it doesn´t mean that it hasn´t privacity, when you looking for something. Then, it could give you a personalized results.

Cost/Quality Balance: with a price of 120€, Google speaker isn´t the cheapest device, as Alexa is, but it doesn´t get the 350€ of Apple assistant. It´s a great balance of quality/price.


If we think what could Google Home do for us if we install it at home, we´ll discover that:

– We connect it with the automatic shutters and we could open and close them with our voice.

– We connect it with our automatic garage gates and with our voice we could open and close the home access.

Electric devices could be connected and we could swith on without force.

This is only the begining of a technology with a great future.