SICUR 2020

SICUR, Security International Fair, is ready to open its gates. Since next 25th at 28th February, we have a date in IFEMA, Madrid, to discover everything about security, defense, cyber-security, innovation and techno development.

Like top-rated international benchmark, SICUR joins each 2 years associations, proffesionals and users of this sector to exchange projects, future innovations and challenges. This year, SICURS will be composed by 651 exhibitors, and the involvement of 1.344 companies from 81 countries. The perfect meeting to get a comprehensive security.

SICUR will have 4 different areas where, during these working days, we could enjoy with expositions, presentations and debates about challenges, solutions and lastest innovations.


With free access and previous registration, we have to visit HACKER WORLD, 27th and 28th February.  It´s going to be a discuss about cyber-security, showing the threats and solutions to fight cyber-risk.

A conferences, debates and studios area where some experts like Ian Khan or Antonio Ramos will be there. In turn, it´s going to be celebrate showrooms about domotic, smartcities, healthcare and mobility.


It´s an area in SICUR sponsored by CIPHER. It´s destined to develop networking whre the goal is to offer exlusive designed solutions to security system. There are some of the issues that we´ll find:

  • Datas of National Cyber-security.
  • Main working guide and acts.
  • New regulations applied to security networks and information systems.
  • Data treatment. Check the risk and evalue the tax.


In this area, we´ll join the resilience inside of organizations and companies. Understood like the ability to face positively the adverse situacions, the resilience analyzes the abilities and tools that we need to get over the threats.

These days we´ll find: industrial corporations, technologic assistants, training centers, consultant´s office.


It´s a specific area to go-ahead people. In STAR-UPS we could see all proyects and new companies. They could sjow they most innovative ideas. SICUR becomes, to these companies, in a key place to get contacts and meet professionals of this sector.


Automatism and Gates Fair will be celebrate inside SICUR Fair. It will be located at 2nd pavillion, Smartdoor is the best national showroom to discover the last innovations. A space with unique features where we´ll find the commercial challenges of a sector that it´s growing constantly.

These days in Smartdoors, we´ll see the innovations in commercial and industrial gates, automatisms and control systems. It will be showed the domotic systems that create smart spaces where it´s be integrated  the energy manangement, security and communication systems.

Without a doubt, Smartdoors is going to be the perfect place to get commercial relationships. One space where we´ll find all information and we´ll could evaluate the consume and trends of sector.

All this in 4 days that Powermatic doesn´t think to miss it.



Security is a priority element when we talk about comercial stores. Althought they are located at inside or outside areas, to get a good protections without to lose the elegance could be a big challenge.

First of security elements that you have to installed is the closing system. The roller shutter, manual or automatic, is the first level to prevent the illegal access; then the order of our shutter has to be well studied.


All the rollers shutter have made by great resistance material. So, when we go to find our shutter, we´ll find 2 types:

  • Roller shutters made in steel: very resistance material, the galvanized version avoids the corrosionof material. It doesn´t need maintenance and it could have a long lifetime. It has a quimic reaction to avoid scratching.
  • Roller shutters made in aluminium: wellknown by its lightness, the aluminium is, with iron, the mostlty used material around the world. It has a long lifetime beacause it´s corrosion resistant. It has the same finished in the both sides. Something doesn´t happen in galvanized shutters, that just have one side.

Althought the aluminum and its lightness are wellknown, when we need to offers a hight resistance, we add more to double the thickness and then the weight is increased a lot.


When we know wich material we´ll use, we have to decice the shutter finished. We have to keep options in mind like:

  • Bussiness style.
  • We want t be according the building where we are.
  • We want people look inside when we are closed.

You have these main options:

  • Die-cutting shoutter: you could close the access and at the same time, people could see the inside. It´s used in clothes stores, etc.
  • Blind shutter: it´s a clossing that doesn´t allow to see the inside of store. It´s used in places where the security is the priority.
  • Microperforated shutter: it´s a mix of elegance and security. If you are looking for a shutter that has style and it doesn´t lose resistance, this is your shutter.
  • Imitation-wood shutter: you´ll have all the wood advantages and no disadvantages.
  • Lacquered shutter: it´s the best option to shutter exposed to scraching, and inclement weather, etc. Oven lacquered gives a extra resistance.


We could addapt a lot of opening system in our roller shutter:

  • Fobs: if we install a receiver we´ll get to open the gate with the fob.
  • Proximity device: they are cards or tags that you put close to the reader installed and the shutter starts to open.
  • Tradictional key:  you use a inlay lock to open and close the shutter.
  • Keypad: we could addapt a keypad, then you introduce a correct code and the shutter starts to open.
  • Smarphone: there are different systems by App from your smartpone. You don´t need to be close to the gate to open or close.


If you are looking for the total possible security, you have to install a self-locking shutter. This system is only to automatic shutter, not manual. It has a extra security that blocks the shutter when you force a manual mode.

We keep in mind that this shutter needs a complete installation, in other words, if we have an automatic shutter we´ll have to change all the devices, so it´s more expensive.

Powermatic has a range of shutter, you could contact us and our qualified technician are ready to help you.


Rains and automatic gates

The rains have arrrived to Spain, this year it happened very soon.  According to Mediterranean weather, the raining season is coming. We have to know that Autumn and Winter are the raining season, and we have to be ready to face them in peace.

After last day with DANA episode, we can´t do anything, there is a lot of water that it´s impossible to go out without damages. Beyond this exceptional situations, we coud to face the water without problem.

Powermatic  gives you some tips to help you to avoid that rains become a headache.


You have to clean the automatic gate area to be sure about the good workinfg of it. If we don´t take care of this, dirt and leafs could bock the gate movement and other gate devices. If we don´t clean this area, some drops could damage our gate.


Some electronic devices are exposed to bad weather or they are inside the floor. To check the covers of theses devices are very important.  We couldn´t lose the water tightness of theses devices, they could be damaged. Remember that the sun weakens the covers, then we recommed you to change them.


As we check our vehicle every year, we change the wheels or filters… we need you to chek and review our gate. We recommend to review it each 6 months, at least once per year you should do it. It´s the best way to extend its lifetime.


There are some devices more exposed than others and for that reason we have them a special consideration.

Photocells, that help us to avoid accidents and a gate closes when someone/something is crossing, are affected by rains. A lot of drops on the sensor make that the gate doesn´t close. Clean them and say goodbye to the problems.

Gates are an outside device and it´s exposed 100% to everything. You have to choose a goof material to have a safety gate. We recommend you aluminium even thought it´s more expensive than others.

Water tightless is necessary to protect the engines and also it´s very important if we talk about wiring. Check all the wiring system.

With prevention and good opinion the rain never becomes our enemy


Google Assitant

Perphaps, our country is discovering all the functions of the voice assistants, but there are places like USA where these devices are integrated day-to-day.

Para aquellos que no estéis familiarizados con los asistentes de voz, hablamos de un asistente virtual con inteligencia artificial que, a través de conversaciones bidireccionales, permite comunicarse con el dispositivo por voz y éste procesa, interpreta y responde al usuario.

The devices mostly known are: Siri by Apple, Google Assistant by Google, Alexa by Amazon and Cortana by  Microsoft.

These software are integrated in differents hardwares, for example:

  1.  Smart speakers like Amazing Echo, Google Home or Microsoft.
  2. Messages App like M by Facebook Messengers.
  3. Integrated software in systems like Siri, Cortana or Google Allo.
  4. Electrical appliance, vehicles, smart watches, clothes…

Today we´re going to talk about Google´s voice assitant, Google Assistant.

There is a fight with the others voice assistants to get the first place on this sector. Google has done a big investment an it gets to be on the top of them:

Time to Answer: Google Assistant offers faster answer than the other assitants.

Background Noise: Google Assistant and Siri work so good with background noises.

Best results: Google gives better results than Alexa. Google uses its onw searcher to give better results. Meanwhile, Amazon assitant looks for around its webs and showed products.

Integration: the integration is a key element. Google Assistant is ready to be used by Android or iOS system, meanwhile Siri only works with iOS system.

Personalized results: Google has a lot of personal data, it doesn´t mean that it hasn´t privacity, when you looking for something. Then, it could give you a personalized results.

Cost/Quality Balance: with a price of 120€, Google speaker isn´t the cheapest device, as Alexa is, but it doesn´t get the 350€ of Apple assistant. It´s a great balance of quality/price.


If we think what could Google Home do for us if we install it at home, we´ll discover that:

– We connect it with the automatic shutters and we could open and close them with our voice.

– We connect it with our automatic garage gates and with our voice we could open and close the home access.

Electric devices could be connected and we could swith on without force.

This is only the begining of a technology with a great future.


unlock automatic gate

It isn´t an usual situation but sometimes our gates could fail. Sometimes the problem is an electric failure or engine. We have a big problem if this happens and we are inside and couldn´t go out.

If we are in this situation, we need to unblock the gate and open it by manual mode. We´re going to show you how you could unblock all the automatic gates. First of all, you have to be calm and you have to know what kind of gate is yours.

Folding gates unblocking.

Folding gates have a electric lock that it fixes the gate to the frame; it´s to give more security. The engines could have an extra blocker that you could unlock if your turn the key located in the engine. When the blocker is free, you have to take the cover off and turn the key to open the sheets by yourself.

Check here:

Roller gates unblocking.

Roller gates use to have a block inside the engine. If you want to unblock just pull the wire that you´ll find into outside box or pull the inside handle. After that you have to open by yourself. Sometime the roller gates is heavy and you need an extra help.

Check here:

Sliding gate unblocking.

Sliding gates have a little lock or screw located at the top of engine. This element frees the movement of the sheet.

Check here:

Swivelling gate unblocking.

Swivelling gate are easy to unblocking. They have a rope from the lead carrier. You have to pull the rope and the gate will be free to be opened. Sometimes you´ll need an extra aid with short movements at the same time.

Check here:

Sectional gates unblocking.

Sectional gates unblocking is the easiest emergency opening. Just you´ll find a rope or handle in the tramition guide to free the engine. If you couldn´t open, maybe it´s a mecanic problem. Then, let to try and contact withe a qualified technician.

Check here:

Because life always has a solution!


security devices to automatic gates

Don´t forget to think in security when you are talking about automatic gates. It´s easy and confortable to have some automotions at home. If we could raise and put down a big weight, it´s a diary force and damages that we avoid them.

There are some devices to give our gates more security. We´re going to show yoy the most important element to get a very secure automatic gate:


Essential element that we coulnd´forget to install in our automatic gate. This system detects a obstacle and send a signal to stop or open again the gate. There are two groups:

  • Retro-reflecting photocell: the emitter and receiver are the same element. To get the ultraviolet light go back to emitter, it uses a retro-flecting device like mirrow.
  • Photocell with emitter and receiver: this system has a double device, a emitter located on a side and the receiver on the other side. If the receiver doesn´t receive the sign, it opens the gate.


The swivelling gates use this security system to avoid big disasters. Theses gates work with a lateral springs, if one of them is broken, the parachute stops the gate. A similar system is the emergency brake of elevators.


Anticrush sysmte is composed by a rubbers installed at the end of the gate. In case of sliding gate, we install them between the two sheets. They avoid to introduce a hand between the sheets and a direct crush with gate.


Turn signal is a way to inform about precaution situation. So, it´s a good idea to install a device with flash lights when the gate starts to open. It´s a way to advice pedestrians to take care becasuse a vehicle is going to exite or enter.


The sytem  is installed on the frame; the safety edse are very useful when the gate hasn´t got an anticrush system. It´s made by rubber and when your press it, it sends a sign to stop the closing.


automatic gates in Autumn

Say goodbye to summer is the end of sunny and calm days. At Spain, the autumn is a season of atmospheric instability. Our gates will fight versus hot,  hummity and rain at the same time. If you didn´t hone your gate in summer, now it´s your time!
Powermatic goes to show you some standards to enjoy the autumn without headache.


If you don´t want a dowpour becomes a disaster, we recommend you to check the impenetrability and water tightness of electronic devices. Get and special check with the buried engine.


Don´t forget that automatic gates are a part of your home too. So, you should add them in your cleaning rutines.
For example, sliding gate uses to build up filth inside the guides. This could be an obstacle and damage the engine.


Summer dryness could affect to the gate movements. It´s so easy to know if your gate needs lubrication. How? If you listed a lot of noises and unusual skeals… your gate needs your help.

Powermatic recommends you take care with the brush, fix and move points. Keep your gate lubricated.

3 standars to control your gate and to be ready to all seasons.

  • Remember, you should contact with a qualified technical team to get the best reshaping! 🙂


usual failures in automatic gates

So many year around gates, automatism and surveillance system. After this time, Powermatic has resolved a lot of problems, someone more dificult than others.

In this article, we´re going to show you the commonest failures in automatic gates and how to proceed with them. Remember that a qualified technician could help you to assure the correct working of your gate.

Sliding Gates Failures.

Motor doesn´t work: if we see that our gate´s motor doesn´t work, first of all we´ll confirm the power supplier. We´ll check if there are blown fuse or the wires are out of their terminals. Don´t forget to check that security contacts are shor-circuited, emitter is programmed and has frecuency.

Gate is closed and we can´t unblock:  we have to look that limit switches are working correctly and if  the gate stop without we need to press it.

Gate doesn´t open and close completely: in this case, we have to check the manoeuvre timing of the gate. We´ll need more seconds that really required. So, we´ll look that limit switches are installed correctly. Don´t forget take attention, during the movement, the limit switch.

If we block the light of photocell and the gate stops and closes: we have to change the opening and closing wires, and the limit switches.

Motor sound but the gate doesn´t open and close: first of all we have to unblock the gate and move it until the middle. Push and test that opening and closing are correct, and the limit switch. We have to regulate the mecanic, electronic clutch and force.

Gate stops at the middle of movement: if motor stops to work, we have to increase the work time.  If the gate stops but motor still works,  we have to regulate the force (mecanic or electronic) and chech there isn´t any obstacle.

Swing Gates Failures.

Motor/motors don´t work: we have to check the power supplier. We´ll ckeck if there are a blown fuses or the wires are out of their terminals. We´ll ckech that the security contacts are short-circuited and emitter is programmed and it has frecuency.

One engine opens and other closes: change the opening and closing wires from motor. To know what it´s correct, we´ll have to see the leds or wait to automatic closing.

If we block the light of photocell and the gate stops and closes: we have to change the opening and closing wires, and the limit switches.

Gates don´t close: we have to check that photocells are connected correctly. Also, we´ll check they are aligned and the signal arrives to control pannel.

Gates stop at the middle of movement: we´ll have to regulate the work time, at leat, two or three seconds beyond the required time to do the complete movement.

Gates don´t open and close completely: we´ll check the regulation of hydraulic and/or electronic force. We´ll verify if there aren´t friction points during the gate movement. Don´t forget to check the installation levels that are fixed correctly.

Swivelling Gates Failures

Gate doesn´t work: first of all we´ll check the power supplier. So, we´ll check the blown fuses or if the wires are out of their terminals. Also, we´ll verify if the emitter is programmed and send frecuency. Finally, we´ll check if the security contacts are short-circuited.

Motor stop when gate is down and come up again: we´ll have to regulate the engine force, and the gate hasn´t any obstacle. At last, we´ll check the limit swicthes.

To open and close, the motor still works: we´ll have to regulate the limit switches.

Gate doesn´t close: we´ll check the photocells are connected, aligned and the pannel control receives the signal.

Gate closes by fits and starts: we´ll ckeck if the gate is balanced, and we´ll add extra weight if it´s necessary.

Motor sounds but gate doesn´t open: we´ll have to check  if gate is balanced and we´ll add extra weight if it´s necessary.

Barriers Failures.

Barrier doesn´t work: first of all we´ll check the power supplier. So, we´ll check the blown fuses or if the wires are out of their terminals. Also, we´ll verify if the emitter is programmed and send frecuency. Finally, we´ll check if the security contacts are short-circuited.

Barrier doesn´t open: we´ll veriry the spring, motor conections and limit swicthes.

Barrier doesn´t close: we´ll check if photocells are connected correctly, aligned and the signal arrives to central pannel.

Barrier opens and closes by fits and starts: we´ll have to regulate the spring.


swing gate Marbella

Hace 50 años a la hora de buscar una puerta automática la cosa era sencilla. La madera era la estrella y el material elegido por excelencia. Desde entonces, han sido múltiples los materiales que se han ido incorporando con el objetivo de mejorar las prestaciones, la estética, etc. de nuestras puertas.  En Powermatic hemos realizado innumerables montajes y diariamente nos encontramos con todo tipo de puertas. Si aun tenéis duda de que material queréis vuestra puerta, os ayudamos a despejarlas en este artículo.


La madera es el elemento que tradicionalmente se ha utilizado en la fabricación de puertas a lo largo de la historia. Gracias al conocimiento de este tipo de material durante siglos, hoy en día podremos obtener verdaderas maravillas. Con una estética muy potente, la mayor desventaja radica en su vulnerabilidad a las variantes atmosféricas.

Las puertas de madera requieren de un constante mantenimiento para evitar que elementos como la humedad y el agua  les afecte. En caso de no prestarle la suficiente atención, ésta podría abombarse de tal manera que quedase inutilizada. Por tanto, recomendamos su uso en zonas que no estén tan expuestas a la climatología.


El hierro y el acero fueron los materiales que rápidamente se incorporaron al sector.  Este tipo de puertas en su mayoría no son macizas. Lo que se ha trabajado habitualmente es, partiendo un núcleo de madera, el exterior se forra con chapas de acero de diferentes grosores.

Ofreciendo una dureza y resistencia mayor que la madera, las puertas de hierro/ acero permiten un mantenimiento mucho más sencillo. Hablamos de materiales que resisten perfectamente la abrasión de agentes atmosféricos exteriores. La mayor desventaja que presentan las puertas automáticas de acero/hierro es la manipulación. Debido a su gran peso, a la hora de elegirla tenemos que prestar mucha atención a: el diseño, el tamaño y el sistema de apertura.


El aluminio es un elemento que presenta una gran durabilidad. Si a este aspecto le sumamos el lacado y/o anodizado, conseguir tener una puerta totalmente preparada para el exterior.De esta manera, la puerta no sufre ningún tipo de dilatación, contracción o deformación relacionado con los cambios de temperatura.

Las puertas automáticas de aluminio permiten una infinidad de acabados, dando rienda suelta a la creatividad del propietario. Entre las principales desventajas que encontramos, es que pese a su resistencia, en aluminio resulta bastante frágil frente a los golpes.


Las prestaciones de la fibra de vidrio han ido mejorando desde su incorporación al sector. Superando la fragilidad que ofrece la madera, la fibra de vidrio presenta una estética casi idéntica con la ventaja de que es un material mucho más resistente a las inclemencias del tiempo. Las puertas automáticas de vidrio aíslan perfectamente del frío, por lo que son perfectas para exteriores.

Con un mantenimiento bastante sencillo, la fibra de vidrio presenta un nivel de seguridad muy próximo al del acero y el hierro. Sin duda, estamos ante un material que equilibra rendimiento, durabilidad, seguridad y economía.

Si ya lo tienes claro, ¡en Powermatic te ayudamos a dar el siguiente paso!



automatic gate maintenance

Cuando nos instalan una puerta y vemos que todo funciona correctamente nace en nosotros una idea: hasta el final de los días la puerta va a funcionar exactamente igual. Tendemos  despreocuparnos de ella y pasamos por alto los síntomas que nos avisan de que algo no está marchando bien.

Tras muchos años de experiencia, en Powermatic hemos elaborado una serie de pasos a seguir para que tú, como propietario, pueda valorar la situación de tu puerta. Sobra recordar, que las puestas a punto y averías siempre deben de ser realizas por un técnico profesional del sector. Aun así, nosotros mismos podemos descubrir si algo está fallando.


Las puertas automáticas suelen acumular, debido a su situación exterior, una gran cantidad de polvo y residuos de la calle. Esto puede contribuir a su mal funcionamiento. Por ello, desde Powermatic siempre recomendamos que se tome como rutina, la limpieza de toda la zona alrededor de la puerta. Sin duda alguna alargarás su vida útil.


Prepárate para agudizar bien el oído, porque ese será uno de los ejercicios habituales. En el funcionamiento de una puerta hay muchos elementos que están en contacto constante. Por ello, es fácil que con el transcurrir del tiempo estas piezas pierdan su lubricación. Es ahí cuando estaremos atentos a posibles ruidos extraños, anteriormente inexistentes, cada vez que usemos nuestra puerta automática. Presta atención, localiza la zona y contacta con un profesional. Ellos saben que material se necesita para lubricar mejor cada zona.


Alguno de los elementos electrónicos de nuestra puerta pueden encontrarse directamente ala intemperie, sin ningún tipo de protección. Estas piezas quedan expuestas a altas temperaturas y sol en verano, así como heladas o lluvias en invierno. Estas condiciones climatológicas pueden causar daños en las carcasas y fundas  de los cuadro de maniobras o las fotocélulas. Comprueba visualmente que no hay rotura o pequeña fisura por donde pueda entrar humedad. En caso afirmativo, no dudes en contactar con un servicio técnico lo antes posible.


Ya sabes, crea unos hábitos para tener siempre tu puerta automática lista y a pleno rendimiento. Y si te surge cualquier problema o urgencia, en Powermatic estamos encantados de ayudarte.