Powermatic reserves the rights to do changes about product features, prices, promotions and others things from writing mistakes or supplier information. The prices on the website have included the IVA. If you live out of peninsula the sales prices could change by delivery cost or taxes. In case a client buys something with a mistake, we´ll inform and the order will be cancelled.

If a product is sold out and we can´t deliver a new one, we commit to looking for a similar product with the best conditions, but we can´t ensure the same price. If the client agrees it, we´ll do the modification.


Delivery time is 48h and 72h aproximatly. Powermatic does its best to deliver the purschase as soon as possible. Please, don´t forget that sometimes the orders could be delayed by external causes.


Free shipping to all orders . If the prices isn´t enought to be free, we´ll inform the shipping price before. Delivery time depends of locations. In case of COD orders, it has an extra charge of 2% total amount. We don´t allow COD orders to out of Spain and Spanish peninsula.

If some products are not aviable, we´ll inform you about the delay and give you a new date previous your agreement.  The merchandise is responsability of clientes; if it is lost we manage the claims but the cost is from the client.

International shipping or Canary Islands, Balearic Island, Ceuta and Melillo, the custom costs or local tax may be payble by client.


Powermatic join to resolve our clients needs, and we understand that sometime the purchcase don´t meet their needs and want to refund the products.

You could return your purchcase after 15 days you received the box. If you return it after this time or the article is damaged or without the original cover, we couldn´t refund you the money.

In case you order the refund, Powermatic will discount shipping costs, bank tax or COD costs. Powermatic takes on all the costs if the articles arrive damaged or they arent´t the correct.


Powermatic´s articles have a guarantee of 2 years. If the article has a manufactured damage, we´ll send it to provider. Waiting time depens of the manage time of each brand.

Powermatic commits to repair, replace or refund if the articles come with a manufactured defect and keeping in mind the provider opinion. If it´s a manufactured defect, Powermatic shall pay the shipping costs.

We keep the right to reject the article if it hasn´t the conditions in refund politics.

The customer must inform us about the product disagreement by email. When the produt isn´t in guarantee, the client has to pay all de extra costs from the refund.


When client makes and order, the personal datas are used to process the order. The datas go to our data base and they could be used to send information, offerts an news in the future.

Powermatic ensures the data confidiality and never they will be transfer to others.

According the Ley Orgánica 115/1999 de 13 de diciembre, de Protección de Datos de Carácter Personal, client could access, change, cancel his/her personal datas by mail.