General Information

  • Articles information

    If you don´t find the information in our website, we could help you by phone at 952 78 26 45

  • What guarantee does Powermatic offer?
    All articles and services have 2 years of guarantee.
  • Home shoopping: is it possible?

    Yes, it is. You could buy trought our website:

  • How could I claim?

    To claim you could visit us at our shop or send us an email. Please,  fill out the form you´ll find in Contact.

  • Could I buy an article on the website and collect it in your shop?

    Yes, you could.

  • Could I buy an article in the website and refund it in your shop?

    No, you couldn´t. To refund a online purchcase you have to contact us by phone 952 78 26 45 (Monday-Friday 8h-16h) or by website.

  • Is bank information, when I buy somenthing, saved?

    Powermatic never could access to confidencial information. So, bank details always are request to ech new order.

  • How could I pay?

    We accept credit and debir cards: VISA, MASTERCARD, VISAS ELECTRON; Paypal, bank transfer.

  • How could I know if the order is made correctly?

    After the payment, you´ll receive a confirmation email with your order details. Please, check your email acount and your Spam charpet.

  • How could i know when I´ll receive my order?

    As soon as your order is shipping you´ll receive an email.

  • How could I return an online article?

    You have to send us an email to Please, let us know your order´s number and the reason to go back it.

  • What have I to do if i want to refund my order?

    You have 100 days from the purchcase date. Always the article has to be OK and with its original package. It´s necessary to show the receipt or invocice. We´ll refund you the money by the same type of payment.

  • How much does the shop delivery cost?

    Shop Delivery is a free service to help you with your online shopping.

  • How is the delivery time at the shop?

    Delivery Time is two or 3 laboral days (there are´nt deliveries on Saturday, Sunday and Holidays) since the confirmation date.

  • When could I go to the shop to collect my order?

    When your order is ready to be collected, we´ll inform you. After that, you have 7 days to come and collect it.

  • What have I to show when I arrive to the shop to collect my order?

    To collect your order you´ll have to show our ID/NIE, Passport or legal document if the order is to a company. You could authorise another person:

    It would be necessary to show the ID/NIE, Passport of the person who ordered the purchcase, a writen consent and the original ID documents of the person who comes to the shop.