automatic gates maintenance

Usually people want to know how many times they need to keep the automatic gates working perfectly. It hasn´t an easy answer. It depends on installed system, number of users and the intensity of use.


Proverb says: always foreseeing is better than treating. So, a preventive maintenace dicreasse the automatic gates problems. With a correct maintenance we could prolong the gate´s lifetime.

To get a correct maintenance its necessary to review, test and fix all the gate´s elements and engine. Usually, we have to fix correctly the gate on the wall and the sheets to the gate´s frame. We have to check wireless, to regulate the gate movemnt and working time. Also, we have to grease all the pieces that work with rubbing.

En nuestro caso, ofrecemos contratos de mantenimiento para comunidades de vecinos entre Marbella y Málaga. Además de estas revisiones periódicas se añade un servicio de atención en menos de 24 horas desde el aviso de la avería aunque el tiempo medio es inferior a 12 horas. Revisiones cada dos meses y asistencia en fines de semana y festivo.

Powermatic has different maintenance contracts to communities from Marbella and Málaga. Besides these reviews, Powermatic adds an assistance service before 24h, a complete revision each 2 months and assistance service on weekends and holidays.

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