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Technologic innovations burst in tourist apartment´s sector. In addition to offer the apartment throug Airbnb and Booking platforms, we found systems to help you to improve and facilitate the rental experience.

ARGO, smart system to control the access, allows us to manage the access at home from our smartphone. We have in our hand the power to choose who and when someone come in. It´s very usefull in rental sector.

  • Manage the access from smartphone
  • Easy control of user list that we allow to access.
  • Fast notifications of events to control who and when the door was opened.
  • Users personalizing to give them special features or time limitation.
  • Adpatation of devices according to the type of door.
  • It isn´t necessary a extra software.
  • We don´t need to have an Internet connection.
  •  Devices update is made in situ, you don´nt need to strip down the system.
  •  Free Argo App and the updates.
  • Aplicación disponible tanto para IOS como Android. App allows to iOS and Android.

If we have a rental apartment beside the coast and we install this system, what could we do?


We could set up, to each user, a credential with an activation and expired date/hour.

You could set up the credential to be validated since the first use.  Then, you could set days, hours or minutes since first use.


Invitations allow the smarthpones be self-registered like user in the lock. The administrator has to programme an invitation code, it is sended by email. The user has to open Argo App and push the opening door. When the door is open, the smartphone is registered in users list. The code couldn´t be reused.


If we manage a little hotel or a rental apartment, this system allows to check-in at anytime. This offers an unforgetable experience.

To use this service, the owner and guest have to use Argo-Host and Argo-Guest Apps. Host creates a virtal key and he sends it to Argo-Get by email or SMS. When the guest receives the key, he pushes the authorised door and open. With Argo-Host we could cancell the virtual key at any time and send a new one.

Argo-Host functions:

  • Register, in Argo-Cloud, of virtual keys and existing accounts to manage the installation.
  • Register of installation´s locks.
  • Create devices groups.
  • Set up the welcome mesage and client instructions.
  • Set up the check-in/check-out hours.
  • Change and/or delete devices.

Argo-Guest functions:

  • Look the virtual key (user name, installation and time)
  •  Look allowed devices.
  •  Opening by push system.
Focus Self-registration Sending virtual key
User Employees                    Guests
Needed App  ARGO ARGO-Host y ARGO-Guest
Internet Connection No                      Yes
Adminstrator Activity Preparar invitación en la puerta Sending virtual key
Cost Free Pay for use
Credential Unlilmited 30 days
Users 300 Unlimited
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