Winkhaus security keys and locks

Security locks are a great system to control the access to communities. For a few years now, it´s the best option to increase the security and avoid damages. Powermatic works with remote controls that don´t allow to do copies of them without authozation. To get a new one, you should need an authorization from president and/or administrator.

Now, we are going to inform you about some advantages of smart locks.


When a community install a security lock, it resolves a big problem. It´s the way to stop the out of control copies. If you have our keys, you´ll be sure that only the authorized people could have a copy. Each key has a internal code that is associated to the owner when the key is given. Then, we could know how many keys have each owner.

The users could be separed in different groups with different accesses. For example,  maintenance staff could access through all commuinity gates, and the neighbours only could access though their block gate.


Technology of these keys allows to have different privileges and access times to each user groups. For example,  if the community has several gates (garage gate, pedestrian gate, pool and gym gates, etc) we could program them to allow or prohibit the access. Some communities forces to owners are aware of payments to enjoy the pool or gym. Although they could use the block gate always.


To control the access to common areas like pools or gyms is a hard work to maintanance staff and community responsibles. With our security locks, if you wish, you could programm a time control to regulate the access to these areas. So if the pool timetable is from 10:00 to 20:00, just they could access in this time. Out of time the key doesn´t work, but the maintenance staff could open 24h/365 days.


Usually, communities installed the cylinders many years ago. The copies made from the copy of original key cause two problems: the lock start to work wrong and a out of control of people who could access to the community. You couldn´t know how many key are made and who have them. With our syste, you´ll control the copies made and you could delete the lost or stolen key. You don´t need to replace the lock and the rest of owners never be affected.

If you want more information about, you could contact us.


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