Access control to tourist appartment

Platforms like Airbnb and/or Booking have strirred up the tourist sector. Our model has changed and the offers too. You´ll find tourist appartment in a lot of communities, a legal business but with some problems.

Beyond noises and problems with the regular entrances and exists, you have to think about the security and access of your community. How could you know if there aren´t key copies around the city? Rentals could lose the keys or take with them.

We have a security problem in our community. Powermatic has some systems to help you to solve this problems.

Mecanic keys.

Mecanic keys are like the key that we are used to take with us. These are special because they are made by alpaca to be reforced and it couldn´t be copied out of installing company. We could have a extra control if the owners/rentals could collect the key with an authorisation of the Administration.

Electronic key.

Electronic keys are the revolution of last years. We need to install a electric cylinders before and after that, we could manage and set up the installation. We could select who owner or what keys open some gates. We could personalise the accesses of each key. We could fix or cancel the keys.

Remote control and proximity cards.

There is a technology that give us a remote controls and proximity cards that they couldn´t be copied. We could have a system to register and asociate each remote and card. If you lose your advices, it could be located in the system and cancel it.

 Powermatic is ready to help you to solve the community problems.

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