automatic gates in Autumn

Say goodbye to summer is the end of sunny and calm days. At Spain, the autumn is a season of atmospheric instability. Our gates will fight versus hot,  hummity and rain at the same time. If you didn´t hone your gate in summer, now it´s your time!
Powermatic goes to show you some standards to enjoy the autumn without headache.


If you don´t want a dowpour becomes a disaster, we recommend you to check the impenetrability and water tightness of electronic devices. Get and special check with the buried engine.


Don´t forget that automatic gates are a part of your home too. So, you should add them in your cleaning rutines.
For example, sliding gate uses to build up filth inside the guides. This could be an obstacle and damage the engine.


Summer dryness could affect to the gate movements. It´s so easy to know if your gate needs lubrication. How? If you listed a lot of noises and unusual skeals… your gate needs your help.

Powermatic recommends you take care with the brush, fix and move points. Keep your gate lubricated.

3 standars to control your gate and to be ready to all seasons.

  • Remember, you should contact with a qualified technical team to get the best reshaping! 🙂

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