overhead gates
Overhead gates are common typology in this Sector. You could find them in manual or automated version. We are going to explain everything about their running, advantages and features. A fast view to bring light about this kind of gates.


Overhead gate is composed by one or two sheets that swing vertically. It moves up and down though lateral rails. At last,the sheet are close to the roof when the gate is totally open.


Automatic gates need a regular maintenance. So, we could affirm that overhead gates don´t cause big problems and its maintenace is easy and cheap. As maintenance is an essential process, it transforms overhead gates in a very interesting option to our house. Reliability is other noted advantage from overhead gates. When it´s opening or closing, the gate has a counterweight to help the movement . This system gives a soft and reliable. La versatilidad en el diseño de este tipo de puertas es otra de sus grandes bazas. Así, podemos encontrar puertas de chapa lisa, perforada, en barrotes, deploré, cuarterones… Una gran variedad de opciones que se adapta a todos los gustos y necesidades. This kind of gates allow to adapt a lof of designs. So, we´ll find gates with smooth or holed sheets, thick bars, panelled… Great options to your needs and wishes.


We have two big groups of overhead gates:
  • One sheet gate: a good solution to private houses; they have a spring to  balance the vertical movement. The gate is aligned with the roof, so we could use all the inside space of our garage.
  • Two sheets gate: it so uses in community or places where it has a intensive work.  This kind of gates have a laterlal counterweight to help when it´s opening and closing. Also, they allow to insert a pedestrian gate. Two access in one!


Automatic gates must to have some safety devices to be in accordance with Spanish mandatory. There are a lot of devices but we´re going to show some of them:
  • Photocells: located outside or inside, these sensors stop the gate when they detect someone or something while the gate is closing.
  • Safety chute system: it´s a exclusive system to overhead gates. It avoids a gate collapses if the iron wire or chain is broken.
  • Trap protection: it´s a safety system to protect the hinge areas and avid finger traps.
  • Emergency stop: we could press a pusher to stop the electric suplier. Then, gate does a sharp stop.
Junto estos elementos de vistos podemos, de manera opcional, completar la seguridad de nuestra puerta con señalizaciones luminosas, semáforos o lazos magnéticos. Estos últimos necesitan detectan en su superficie un vehículo/moto para activar el funcionamiento de la puerta. As optional safety devices we could use: lights, traffic lights… Overhead gates are a great solution that always meet expectations. If your have some doubts,  Powermatic could help you.    

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