Cilindro europeo de alta seguridad Winkhaus Bluechip de 30x30mm posibilidad de gestión de usuarios con altas y bajas, control horario y control de eventos. Para realizar todas las funciones aquí descritas es necesario disponer de una programadora digital y un software de gestión. Para más información contacte con nuestros compañeros de atención al cliente.

Bluechip cylinder is a hight security european cylinder. You could update and delete, schedule and events control. To do all that functions you shlould have a digital programmer device and a mangement software.

The system is perfet to get a smart house and little companies.

Winkhauss systems offers:

  • Simplicity: use an App to work and manage the system.
  • Fast: the lost keys are cancelled at the moment.
  • Control: you could look the events.
  • Softy: you could give permission without desplacement.
  • Security: datas are save at the cylinder and/or key.
  • Intuitive.
  • Without problems: easy replacement of cylinders.
  • Flexibility: create and manage the time profiles.

App needs these systems:

  • 5.0 Android vesion
  • 9 iOS version.

Winkhauss system has different devices to install or use in the buildings.

blueChip system manual


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