BlueCompact Activation Kit is a system to close door with an electronic cylinder. You could manage the system by free App. It´s made by Winkhaus.

Activation Kit is composed by:

  • 4 user keys
  • 1 Masterkey
  • 1 activation card
  • 1 PUK card
  • Manual guide

Kit features:

  • To start bluCompact system
  • Activation and PUK cards.

Sizes:(An x La x xAl)

  • 130 x 130 x130 mm
  • Bluecompat is perfect to smarthouse and little companies.

Winkhauss systems offers:

  • Simplicity: use an App to work and manage the system.
  • Fast: the lost keys are cancelled at the moment.
  • Control: you could look the events.
  • Softy: you could give permission without desplacement.
  • Security: datas are save at the cylinder and/or key.
  • Intuitive.
  • Without problemas: easy replacement of cylinders.
  • Flexibility: create and manage the time profiles.

App needs theses systems

  • 5.0 Android vesion
  • 9 iOS version.

Winkhauss systyem has different devices to install or use in the buildings.

There are different sizes of cylinder to be adjusted to all gates

With the blueCompact App you could manage the system from your hanf. It´s a free App to iOS and Android

Smarthpones have to install 4.0 Buetooth or newer.





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