Powermatic bolard kit is an automatic and electrohidraulic system. Coral model with 100mm diameter and 500mm height. It has ironworks to be fixed and unlocked system. It´s composed by a central panel, receiver and fob with changing codes.

Automatic bolard kit, Cola model, is a system to automatise an iron colum with an automatic movement.

The system has an easy installation but need some building works. You could install it wherever you want.

The exit movement could be from 500mm or 800mm. It´s made to control the vehicles access, pedestrian areas. You could install traficc light to inform about the bolard movements.

Hydraulic technology allows a regular and soft movement. The columns are moved by a electronic system thast could be set with differents functions. Also, you could add extra devices like traffic lights. You could manage until 4 bolards.

When the power supply fails, the columns stays up. You could use an unlocked key to put donw the bolard

The varnishing material and the tests of each model are a guarantee of quality and lifetime.


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