Electronic video-intercom with call forwarding to mobile phone and WIFI integrated in colour screen, to private houses. It´s composed by a video device, power supplier and a colur sreen. You need 2.4GHz WIFI.

Way-FI Kit is composed by:

  • Video device WAY-FI 1/L with visor.
  • WAY-FI 7ª COLOUR screen
  • Power supplier: WAY-FI 100-240 Vca 0,6A (50-60Hz) / 26Vcc-2A DIN8.


– Sizes: 94 x 162 x 34 mm (with visor)

– Installation: Surface. The visor is included to be installed.

– Material: aluminium

– Cameras: CMOS, resolution 900 TVL. Big angular (H=120º; V=72º). White leds illumination with light sensor.

– Push bottom and cardholder: both with blue leds illumination.

– Extra device: Yes (1 extra)

– Analogue extra camaeras: Yes.

– Temperature: [-20ºC, +55ºC]


– Sizes: 222 x 150 x 10 mm

Call forwarding: Yes (unlimit numbers) You could choose the calling sounds at the same time at smartphone and screen or not.

– Installation: Surface

– Screen: Touch-screen 7” (panoramic size 16:9) Resolution 1024 x 600 pixels.

– Led lights: wihite- screen activated; purple- don´t disturb activated; green- photos/videos to look.

– Modo de conversación: Manos libres

– Conversation: free hands

– Conections to door bell: Yes

– Date and hour: (24h format, date: configurable settings)

– Don´t disturb mode: On/ Off and/or during a time.

– Take photos: Yes. Automatic or manual. 100 photos without SD Microcard; 1000 photos with it (not included)

– Video records: Yes. Autmatic or manual. Only with microcard 8-32GB, not included. Until 128 videos of 15 seconds.

– Photos and videos deleting: Yes, When the memory is full, the system deletes the oldest.

– Call recording (date and hour): Yes.

– Auto-on (look the street from screen): Yes

– Pedestrian gate opening: Yes, exit  12Vcc. You could set up the opening time (1-8seconds)

– Garage gate opening: Yes, you could set up the opening time (1-8seconds)

– Images setting: Yes (colour, contrast…)

– Volumen setting: Yes (leves from 0-8)

– Internal communication at home: Yes. Only between screen and you could call from one to other.

– Menu languages: 16

– Calling melodies: 16

– CCTV cameras suitables: Yes.

– Professional opening (doormatic): No


– App: Free. iOS (9.0 or upper) Android (5.1 or upper)

– Operation: WIFI and/or 3G, 4G.

– Number of pairing: unlimit

– Number of installations by smartphone: unlimit.

– Auto-on (look the street from screen): Yes

– You could open different gates: Yes

– Photo and vídeo recording: Mannual

– Conversation mode: free hand

– Mute and silence: Yes

– Watching mode: suitable (25 fps, 10 fps, fixed image + audio) Full screen option.

– Calling register: Yes



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