Aries Electronic handle is a system to manage easily all gates by a card. You could allow or not to access and you could give a temorary access, too.

You could install the electronic handle Aries to all gates existing.

If your set up the system, you could mix all the mecanic locks.

The system works with batteries and without wiring conextion. It´s a great solutions to manange access and it has a easy installation.

It´s 38mm of width, you could install it in every gates (wood, alluminium, metal, PVC, etc)

All electronic and mecanic devices are inside the handle. Jut make three holes on your gate and you´ll get it.

  • Multistandard RFID Reader: ISO14113A/ISO14113B/ Long range 13.56MHz
  • Wake up with cards scanner: RFID or real time.
  • Device charged by batteries.
  • Daily opening funciton without extra consumption.
  • Check the batteries status.
  • Movement detector
  • Status and position of the gate.
  • Suitable with all mecanic locks.
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Light and sound signals.
  • Update software
  • Radio communication to online App.
  • Outside version (IP55)


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