Defender turnstile is a system to control the access by a rotatory turnstile of complete height. It has a emergency system if there is a energy failure.

Defender turnstile is great solutions to control the access to your facilities. It´s composed by two engines and it separates entrance and exit flow. The complete height is a security guarantee.

It´s made by painted iron with the powedercoating technique. If it´s to final installation, the turnstile is mady in inox iron AISI 304 category and AISI 316 if it´s going to be outside.

Technical features

Technical features 24 ±3 V
Power supply 30 W
Active Power 40 a 60 person/min
Width 530 mm minimun
Height 2239 mm
Length 2080mm
Frame width 1270 mm
Arm diameter 32mm
Arm material Powdercoating painted iron
Frame material Powdercoating painted iron
Weight 550Kg
Temperature -20ºC a +70°C approx.


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