Electromecanic tripod turnstile, made in inox iron 340. It´s a bidirectional, elegant a strong sysyem. You could open its arm automatically if there are a power feilure to exit. It´s the best option quality-price that you´ll find.

Powermatic tunrstile has a modern design. It has some prictograms to inform the entrance : green arrow (authorised access), red cross (prohibid access) You could see at the moment the situation. The installation is easy and you could control the access to a limit area.

It is made by 304 inox iron. It has a revolving and bidirectional moment, the you could use to enter and exit.

The system has a emergency function. If there is a power failure and other situations, you could programm the free mode. It has a proximmity system to read RFID cards

Por debajo de cada ventana, el torno dispone de un ingenioso soporte universal. Su base se constituye de una placa de plexiglass en la que se fija el lector, y cuya distancia a la ventana es regulable con 4 tornillos. Permite maximizar la distancia de lectura de la tarjeta de socio.


  • Power supply: 24 ±3 V
  • Power active: 30 W
  • Rate of return: 15 to 25 persons/min
  • Arms lenght: 430, 470 or 510 mm.
  • Hight: 650 mm
  • Lengh: 450 mm
  • Width: 290 mm
  • Structure: AISI 304 inox iron
  • Weight: 35Kg
  • Temperature: -20ºC à +70°C
  • Turn: bidirectional
  • LED: green arrow- authorised access, red cross – prohibit access.
  • Emergency system: free turn.
  • Guarantee: 1 year


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