Powermatic born to give smart solutios to persons and companies that need authomatic gates, control of access, security cameras, etc. It starts in 2002 with a young and very qualified team; profesionals who came from metal sector and from electrical systems.

Now, Powermatic is composed by different departments that control form production, maintanance and reparation. There´s a team with 4 group of qualified technicians to install authomatic gates, access controls, and security cameras. A second team join in the workshop, a person who is a post-sales officer to give you solutions, a comercial officer and a adminsitration department.


Our mision is to get the respect of our clients, providers and partners. So we try to resolve your needs and choosig the best, fastest and best efficient option. We study different options and give you the best solutions. Always client is informed of every options to choose freely.

Powermatic adpats to your needs and it gives you the best solution to your problems.

Our mision is to get the balance point between our relationships with clients, partners and providers.


Taking care to give a good and hight quality service, Powermatic woks with articles that fulfil the present legislation, about clients security and ourself.

We always follow and respect the useful recomendations of manufacturers and we give our cliente 2 year of guarantee to manufactured problems in new installations and 3 months to repairs.

To fulfil the guarantee, just take with you the invocice or receipt about our works and materials.


Powermatic has a vehicle fleet to offer fast service that ensure us a quick assistance. Likewise, we are updating our technical and techno means everytime. We add geolocation systems to reduce the work time and to benefit our clients.

The technicians are equipped with mobile devices, like pads, to fill out the assitance order. It´s a way to reduce the time work and to be sustainable.

Our philosohpy is associated to continous improvement planing, that place us between the best companies of our sector.

Join is the START, stay is the PROGRESS, wOrk together is SUCCESS

comercial@powermatic.es 625056195

Jose María Moreno. Sales Assistant

personal powermatic

Belén Periáñez. Administrative

personal powermatic

Isabel Domínguez. Customer Support

personal powermatic

Israel Hervás. Marketing Online

técnico powermatic

Alejandro Roldán. Technical Service Manager

técnico powermatic

Juan Macías. Installation Technician

técnico powermatic

Alejandro Calvo. Installation Technician

técnico powermatic

Samuel Macías. Installation Technician

técnico powermatic

Cristian de Haro. Installation Technician


Diego Perila. Blacksmith

Jose Daniel Ruiz. Qualified Technician

Técnico Powermatic

Antonio Arrebola. Qualified Technician

técnico powermatic

Jesús Casielles. Qualified Technician