cámara de videovigilancia security cameras

Security cameras to communities are the best system to avoid damages in common areas. It´s easy to be installed. Just it´s necessary to be aproved by 3/5 of neighbours. After that, we could start the installation. When everything is done, the community has to register the files in Agencia de Protección de Datos.

We must to put some signs to inform that area is beeing recorded. It´s prohibit to install cameras that could records private areas. Our company install security system in communities, companies and private houses around Málaga province.


Today there are a lot of high-quality cameras that they could be controled by your smartphone. Our systems are compatible with the mayority of existing cameras. If you need to increase or change your surveillance cameras, contact us and we help you.

You  could order a quotation to your community if you call at 952 78 26 45 or send a email to

We are located in Polígono Industrial San Pedro, Marbella.

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