Communities are our main clients and we try to offer them our best services. To them we have a hight qualified team ready to help them everyday.

Automatic gates installed in communities don´t understand between laboral and weekend days, so we offer a technical service aviable everyday. Just you have to register in our dasta base 48h before to order this service.

You could contact this service if you call us at 952 78 26 45 or 617 47 04 67. We don´t assist communities don´t have a previous contract or out of our schedule.


Our technicians are equiped by mobile devices, like pads, to fill out the assitance and to reduce our time work.

Likewise, our team works with a digital library where they have all information and we could get quickly the best solution.

Our philosohpy is associated to continous improvement planing, that place us between the best companies of our sector.