International Security Fair SICUR 2018

Have you visit SICUR 2018? If you don´t go yet,  you´ll have to wait until next year because it finished last 23rd February. It was joining by 640 participating companies and increasement of 13% at surface. SICUR 2018 was the most powerful fair living until now.

Powermatic didn´t lose it and we was witnesses of the activites and lastest news shown.


Inside SICUR Fair, it celebrated the 1st Smart Doors Edition, where we could see the lastest news about automatic gates. 40 companies and brands met to show the best innovations to develop smart areas at houses and buildings.

Sector has a great challenge beacuse there are technologic advances and a powerful bussiness support. 1st Smart Doors Edition was the perfect showroom to know all the lastest news about comercial gates, industrial and garage gates.

It was so striking to see the domotic advances and technology integration between energy management, security system, comfort and communications. Certainly, devices that offer access solutions to buildings and houses never seen before.


There were a lot of activities everyday in SICUR Fair. There were diary talks very insteresting. We joined the talk “Etiquetado de eficacia energética para puertas automáticas” and “Coexistencia del mercado UE de las puerta” and more.

Other interesting talked was “Domótica, evaluación tecnológica en la edificación” by D. Eduardo Soller, Smart Architecture Master´s director. We discovered that “Internet in devices” is real and wich is the way to go on.

Powermatic have been working on it and we have S.XXI access systems.

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