silent automatic gate

We know some communities need silent automatic gates to don´t disturb their neighbours. Houses , that are located close to a garage gate, have a lot of problems with noises and vibrations when gate is moving. All these things are a serious problem to affected neighbours and the community´s responsibles.

This problem is so common. Noise of automatic gate could be a big problem, even neighbours could make ill with illness like insomnia. Also it could make depression when people live with this kind of problem for a long time. We are aware of this situation and we work to give the best solutions to that.


For many years, we have specialized to resolve this kind of problems. We analize each situation and we suggest a personalized solution. We´re going to show you a video about a Marbella community where we have dicreased the engine noise a 30%.

Eliminating noise or vibrations altogether is almost impossible.  We could dicrease the problem if we reinforce the correct work of the gate. With a correct maintanance we resolve the problems.

If you have some problems with your automatic gate, you could concact us without agreement. We´ll do our best to help your dreams fly silently.

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