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Sliding gates are an attractive and practical solution when you have to design a house. Although it seems very modern, the sliding gates come since Roman era. Likewise, in Japan this is the traditional system used throughout history. Although it has been used rencetly to vehicles access, now it´s so setting up.

Let´s go to review the features and adventages of this kind of gates.


If you have a reduce area or you don´t want that your gate has a lot of space, sliding gate are the perfect system. They are opened with horizontal movement, so it reduces the required area.


It´s very important and tricky to choose the correct materials. You have to select a hard, resistant and easy maintenance material. You could find gates made by wood, iron, brick, etc. We always suggest the aluminium material.

Aluminium is, thanks to its resistance against bad weather, perfect to outside installations. It doesn´t need a lot of maintenance and it offers a lot of design´s posibilities. But if you even still loving wood, you don´t have to be worried. Today there are sliding gates made in aluminium and with wood imitation finishing. Great!


The gate built into the wall is the usual structure to don´t disturb when it´s opened. Sometimes the client´s budget is crucial to choose an automatic or manual gate, but today the prices are so competitive.


Architects usually want to install sliding gates. So, we could find them in communities, comercial and industrial use. They are versatile and perfect to any ambient.


When you start to find the perfect gate, there are some elements that you have consider. Let´s go to see them.


Gates have to be robust, safe and resistant. When gates are automatized, they get a plus of safety oposite manuals. To increase your safety, we suggest you to be advised by a specialized company. They inform you about the best option to you.


Sliding gate could be adapted to any design wished. So, you could find since more traditionals, made by horizontal strips, tight vertical bars, plane bars, etc. If you choose aluminium to your gate, you´ll get the design that you love.


Your gate could be made into a useful and soft element at your home. So, we always suggest to automatize it. Contact wih a specialized company to be advised about it.

Powermatic could help you if you have some doubt about sliding gates. Here we are!

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