advices to summer robberies

Robberies come hand in hand with Summer. Holidays are the most tentation to thieves. This is the period when a lot of houses and companies are empty. There are less staff and neighbours close to our houses. In summary, when people want to enjoy some relaxing days, it´s the high season to thieves and they work hardly.

We going to give you a guide to avoid robbery and frights when you come back from your Summer holdidays.


  • Be discreet. Don´t tell anybody about the days that you are going to be out. Just only to reliable people.
  • Don´t publish pics during your holidays and don´t inform about your location. we have to avoid they know that we are far from our home.
  • Don´t leave vuluable things in sight. If you could, leave them with reliable people or a guard place. Do it with your vehicle too.
  • Close correctly doors, windows and balconies. Leave your shutter in the middle of window and close the courtains. It seems that your aren´t out.
  • Don´t open the door to unknow people. Ask about personal identification to gas, water, electricity staff.
  • Control the mail you´re going to recieve. We recommend a friend/family take your mail. Other option is to agreee with Correos Company a postal code to Summer period.
  • Install automatic timer to swith on lights, radio, TV. Programm the usual schedule to these appliances. Music during the day, TV during the night, etc. 
  • Don´t leave a replacement key on foreseeable place. In fact, It´s better to keep it in other house.
  • Review the light installation works correctly. S If we install timers and after that they doesn´t work, it doesn´t serve itself. It´s important to check the light installation before we depart.
  • Do a backup of all important documents and files in your computer. Haga una copia de seguridad de todos los documentos y archivos importantes de su ordenador y de la agenda de su teléfono.
  • Keep the serial number of your appliances. It´s a helpful information to police. 


After all of these advices, we always could get a surveillance system. If you install a CCTV system to control all tge accesses. Summer and Winter, your home shall be safe.

There are a lot of system and cameras to that. You have to consider the characteristic of the area you want to control. Sometimes it´s more complicate than we thought. Get iprofesional a qualified information to get the best options.


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