sistema seguridad cctv

We know to feel our neighbours safer we have to get a surveillance system. Cameras are useful as disuassive element to thieves or vandalistic actions. Also, they are so useful to get a better communal living between neighbours.

To get everyting goes good, we need to have a well designed, defined and installed system. Now, we are going to look over the elements you have to be careful if you want an outstanding installation.


Always you should choose a correct intalling company. If you look for a specialised or well known, you´ll get a sucessfull system.


Your choosen components must be adapted to your needs. Your keep in mind, for example,  all cameras aren´t the same and they are usefull to all situations. Our suggestion: leave you to be avised by specialised company.


It´s very important to know where you´ll fix your cameras. So, you aren´t a hurry and look the area and think about it so good. A perfect positioning help you to get a great effetiveness.


Conservar correctamente las grabaciones va marcar la diferencia entre la eficacia y la inutilidad. Debes asegurarte de que tu sistema grabe 24h, los 365 días del año. De esta manera podrás resolver problemas, ayudar en las investigaciones policiales, etc.

To kepp safe the recordings give you the difference bewteen effectiveness and uselessness. You have to be sure that your system records 24h, 365 days. Then, you could solve problems and you could help police investigations, etc.


Installation must run 24 hours and it mustn´t fail to keep its effetiveness, so you´ll need a system to monitor the system.


You have to get  periodic maintenance to avoid a lot of problems. Each revew helps you to located future fails. We suggest you a bimestral maintenace, at least, where you could get a diagnosis of each element.


We suggest you to install a modular system. If you have an installation that allows to add new elements, this system helps you with future needs. You could adapt your surveillance system to possible changes.


Your installation must to obey the regulations about data protection and surveillance. You have to keep in mind with:

  • Ley Orgánica 3/2018, 5th December, Personal Data Protection and Digital Rights.
  • Instruction 1/2006 of AGPD – Spanish Data Protection Agency.

Some advices to enjoy with a great installation at your home and to get the best safety.

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