digital cofre

Digital box, with Bluetooth® n.o 5441D, to be fixed on the wall. You coul open and control it by your smartphone, casual or permanent codes. You could see who visit you thought the Apps and notifications.

It´s has a hardware to get an easy installation. It has a great capacity to keep safe cards or keys.

The batteries could be replace easily. With a hard structure and a lined surface to protect the hardware, it works with a free App, Master Lock® Vault Home.


  • Open and control with your smartphone.
  • Master Lock® Vault Home App is designed to personal use and it allows until 10 lockers.
  • You could access by traditional code.
  •  Program the access at the moment or to future.
  •  Give a casual or permanent access.
  • It contains a hardware to get an easy installation.
  • Play your App or web to track the use.
  •  Low battery warning.
  • Battery replacement (CR123A pre-installed)



At pandemic era we are living, to avoid the contact in common areas is beening essential to control Covid-19 spreading. Now, it´s very important to have automatic systems. We are going to bring you some systems to help you with prevention and control needs.


If you want to acces to your home or urbanization without a contact, you could get it easily with an automatic gate. You have to use your reomote control and you could avoid to touch common element, therefore, an important infection focus.

Today there are a lot of designs, materials and ways to works. A great range of options to choose the best to your needs.


We take a step further automation and for it, we add the direct management from our smartphone.

Today there are a lot of applications and system to manange the entrance, exist form your smartphone directly. You control everything and touch nothing, it´s perfect to pandemic time.


If you don´t want to use any device to go into your urbanization, then the carn number plate recognition system is your best option.

A camera, located at the entrance gate or barrier, takes a pic of your car number plate. If it´s in the system´s data base, the gate/barrier will be opened without any device. Zero contact, zero exposure to Covid-19


Pedestrain gates are a critical point this pandemic era. In this time, we tried to open with our foot, elbow; we pushed by the keys or something. Always we avoided to touch the handle of the gate.

There are opening systems by proximity devices. It works by a reader located close to the gate. When you bring closer the tag, the system starts and the gate opens. It´s a way to don´t use the handle anymore.

4 sistemas que puedes implementar y que te ayudarán a esquivar la Covid-19.

4 systems that you could set up and they help you to dodge the Covid-19


tourist appartament

Tourist apartments have been growing up for few years ago. To get the management of them it could be a difficult job. To get a quality service and go on with it, it requirez a lot of dedication and sacrifice by the owners. If they have another job, the compatibility is impossible.

Powermatic shows you 5 options to help you to manage your tourist apartments.


cofre pequeñoIt´s the easiest and cheapest system to avoid movement, to check in and check out. Inside this metal box you could leave the home keys or fobs. When the clients arrives just has to introduce a code to open the box and collect the keys. When the clients go, they leave the kyes inside the box and you could collect them again.

The inconvenience is the low security level. If the box is broken, thief could access at the apparment, even thought it´s not easy to open it.

In this link you could see the features and prices of the device.


It works like mecanic box. The difference is that difital box has a smartphone App that gives you some codes to open the device with digital keypad. Also you could open it with the App when your smartphone is close to the box.

Some features are:

  1. To know the last location of box.
  2. Automatic closing after it´s opened.
  3.  To share a temporary code to have a safe system. When rental is over, the code will be render.

It´s safetier than mecanic box because you could program the automatic closing.

In this link you could see the features and price of the device.


It works like traditional keys, but it has a lot of advantages:

  1.  You could manage the keys as you want.
  2. You could do key copies yourself  by smartphone.
  3.  You could cancel a lost key and you mustn´t change the cylinder.
  4. You could give a temporal key, that it shall works for a delimited time.

When the door is open or closed, this event will be safe in the internal memory (user name, date and hour…)

In this link  you could see the features and price of the device.


With this new cylinders you could:

  1. You could send authorisations to open with virtual keys to clients/guests´s smartpones. Then, they could open by their smartphones.
  2.  You could give limited access.  The key works during the rental time, after that, the key stops to work.
  3. It has a events registrastion, with access information: date, hour, user name.
  4.  The authorisations are given by system administrator, and could accept or deny the access inmedietly.
  5. You could open the door with other devices like cards or proximity cards. All work at the same time.

In this link you coudd see the features and price of the device.


It´s the safetiest and softest system that you´ll find. It´s a mixed of differents system, since a security key until the opening from anywhere by Internet.

The system has a battery supplier to could open and close the gate eventhought there is a power fail.

The main inconvenience is thay you need to do a pre-installation in the gate and it couldn´t be install in all gates.

In this link you could see the features and price of the device.

5 options, 5 solutions to manage your tourist appartments and it isn´t a headache.


Do you know if your comunnity gets all legal requirements about automatic gates?


First of all, you have to know if the gate was installed before or after May 2005, the date when there were changes in the automatic gates regulations. From that moment, all installed gates have to be in order with regulations.

If the gates has been installed before that date and they didn´t have important changes in the security devices, gate structure… you keep in mind:

  • If the installation was before May 2005, the gate has to be in order with Directivas de Máquinas (DM), Baja Tensión (DBT) y Compatibilidad Electromagnética (DCEM) regulations of that time.
  • If the installation was after May 2005, it has to be in order with Directiva de Productos de Construcción (DPC) regulation. Then, it must to have the CE stamp and all the installations requierements.


AEPA, Asociación Empresarial de Puertas Manuales y Automáticas, has to inform users and proffesionals about regulations and CE stamp. Everything have to be in order with the law and requierements to the correct aplication of CE stamp in industrial and garage gates.

Likewise, from AEPA looks after the safety of all closing system and i it has to inform about the regulations.

marcado CE normativa puertas automáticas

We have to know that mecanic guarantee, of a community gate, comes from fabric and installation. It has to be review after some uses, and it has been informed by manufacturer, according UNE regulation.

Resposible person of “new” automatic gates has to control the compliance of DM, DBT and DCEM regulations.


The owner of the gate must to answer for damages to others, according at art. 1.902 Civil Code, when they come from actions or defaults.

If the gates doesn´t have the security devices according the sytem, it would be considered negligent by Courts and Tribunals. It would be negiglent if the onwer didn´t add the security devices to prevent the accident.

Also, the responability comes from art. 1.9047 Civil Code, where it says that building´s owner has to cover the reparations.

However, if we have a maintenace contract with a qualified company, we could drift the responsability of damage to them according art. 1.101 Civil Code . We have to prove that they reneged on their obligations, and they have to prove that they done everyting correctly.

Is it obligary to have a maintenace contract with a qualified company?

It´s not obligatory, but you could enjoy of some advantages if you get it.

UNE-EN 12635:2002 + A1: 2009 regulation informs that the manufacturer gives us the maintenace instructions, and some reparation and maintenance works have to be done by qualified companies.

You could contact with these qualified companies to do the annual maintenance but you don´t have to get a maintenance contract.

Maintenance contract frees the community of resposability of situations. When you sign the contract, the resposability goes to maintenance company.


essen security 2016

One of our compromises with our clients is to offer them the best newness to access control and security system. Last week we visited the INTERNATIONAL SECURITY FAIR MESSE ESSEN  in Germany. Fair about global security, where we could see the greats advances about control access and electronic keys system. Our parthner, WINKHAUS was there like leader of this sector.

The management softwares to surveillance system are changing everyday. During Security Essen 2016 we could see like these softwares allow a higher level of security and control.

These days we could see the great worry about security in public areas. This comes from the alert of attacks some years ago.

We took advantage of our visit, and we have selected the best productos and partners to give you our best service.




essen security 2016 essen security 2016 essen security 2016 essen security 2016 essen security 2016 essen security 2016 essen security 2016 essen security 2016


costa del sol urbanizations summer

When Summer arrives, communities locates on the coast are felts overflow by owners and rentals to enjoy their holidays. It´s a season when there are a lot of problems and insecurity situations.

Coast communities are peculiare, during Summer´s month the populations grows up, and there are big changes each 15 days or week. The unknowledge of rules and carelessness complicate the daily work of administrators.


An example of the increase of problem is found in the garage. It starts a bad use of parking place. Comunal areas become a territory without control and rules. Parking places loose their owners and everyday admitrators receive claims and complaints, because there are wrong ocupations by rentals or owners. They don´t know the community rules, because they just use it in Summer or it´s a temporal transfer by a neighbour.

A hot point in Summer is the communal access to the community, like the block pedestrian entrance or facilites. A long the year, community staff works with attention and care to create a good first impression of facilities. There are some rules that are known for all habitual residents. But, these holidays months, community suffers a lot of violations, for example: don´t respect the pool and gym timetable, etc.

Another problem comes from the keys to access to community. The access point to community, facilities, garages and houses are the main barrier to get the area and residents safe. Lost and damage keys, during Summer, means a  security breach in the community..


Administrators have to find solutions to these problems. To find a control system is an options. System to manage who could access and who not. Thanks to the techno develpoments, there are some systems that could be control by communties themself. They could create different access privileges to some areas, a specific timetable to, for example, swimming pool. The main goal is to enjoy a quite and safe Summer.

Nowadays there are some uncopied key/fobs systems, that they could be control by smartphone or tablet.

Los problemas se repiten cada año y las soluciones hoy en día están al alcance de todos tan solo se necesita un poco de tecnología y antelación para evitar problemas.

These problems do again each year and solutions are withing everyone´s grasp. Just you need some technology and prevention to avoid these situations.


robbery vehicles by Powermatic

Statistics confirm that there is a robbery each 3 minutes. There are 150.000 stolen vehicles in a year. The main reason of this kind of robbery is the fobs to access to parking are out of control. There isn´t a system that controls the number of remotes existing and who has them.

Today there are systems to asociate the internal code of remote control with the owner. Then, we could know who access to our community. Also, maintenance staff need a lot of keys to open different gates (pedestrian, sotrages, communal areas, etc) and sometimes they get a universal ket to open all of them. It seems a good solutions but it could be a bif problem, beacuse if they loose the key, we could get a total access.


It´s easy to avoid a robbery, just we need good will and the ability of the administrator to have the data base updated. So, we need a system where the remote controls have a internal code. This code is unique and we associated the owners with it.

If the fob is stolen or lost, we could find it in our data base and delete it. We could install events control system to know when the gate is used and who is doing it.

Like you could see, it´s possible to avoid robberies in garages and houses with the new control systems to communities. You could reduce the robberies and vandalistic actions, and Powermatic have the solution for that.


Winkhaus security keys and locks

Security locks are a great system to control the access to communities. For a few years now, it´s the best option to increase the security and avoid damages. Powermatic works with remote controls that don´t allow to do copies of them without authozation. To get a new one, you should need an authorization from president and/or administrator.

Now, we are going to inform you about some advantages of smart locks.


When a community install a security lock, it resolves a big problem. It´s the way to stop the out of control copies. If you have our keys, you´ll be sure that only the authorized people could have a copy. Each key has a internal code that is associated to the owner when the key is given. Then, we could know how many keys have each owner.

The users could be separed in different groups with different accesses. For example,  maintenance staff could access through all commuinity gates, and the neighbours only could access though their block gate.


Technology of these keys allows to have different privileges and access times to each user groups. For example,  if the community has several gates (garage gate, pedestrian gate, pool and gym gates, etc) we could program them to allow or prohibit the access. Some communities forces to owners are aware of payments to enjoy the pool or gym. Although they could use the block gate always.


To control the access to common areas like pools or gyms is a hard work to maintanance staff and community responsibles. With our security locks, if you wish, you could programm a time control to regulate the access to these areas. So if the pool timetable is from 10:00 to 20:00, just they could access in this time. Out of time the key doesn´t work, but the maintenance staff could open 24h/365 days.


Usually, communities installed the cylinders many years ago. The copies made from the copy of original key cause two problems: the lock start to work wrong and a out of control of people who could access to the community. You couldn´t know how many key are made and who have them. With our syste, you´ll control the copies made and you could delete the lost or stolen key. You don´t need to replace the lock and the rest of owners never be affected.

If you want more information about, you could contact us.