puertas seccionales powermatic
Sectional gates have become, last years, a popular solutions to close a garage. If your are looking for a gate to your house, we´ll tell you everything about this system. You didn´t remain indifferent by it. To get an idea about the features of these gates, we are going to explainhow they involve versus some concepts.


One of the main advatages when you install a sectional gate is saving space. The opening and closing system is vertical, so you could use all your garage. Gates are made to measures and the most important requirement is to have a roof, beacuase the mechanism will be fixed there.


This kind of gates guarantee a hermetic closing. If you have a house where garage and rooms are conected, you´ll keep up the same temperature without losing hot/cold air.


Setional gates could be manual or automatic. Last years the prices are being so competitive, so you´ll get a lot of comfort if you automatize your garage gate.


Gates should b the first feeling when you visit a house. It´s important to adapt the gate design to house design. There are a lo of posibilities, plain design, corrugated, white or wood imitation…


When you go to install a new gate, you should to bear in mind its quality. So, you have to confirm that your gate, sectional or not, has CE certification. It´s made by Europeean institutions to verify that gates obey all security and quality regulations. Sectional gates are made by different materials. Each of them have their advantages or disadvantages. Let go to review all these materials.


PVC material has two great advantages: it´s very cheap and it has a great hermatic ability. However, lat years it has fallen in disuse. It´s a weak metarial and it isn´t recommended to big gates. Also, it´s easy to be damaged.


Wood isn´t a cheap meterial but it´s loved by a lot of clients. It looks fantastic, beautiful and it´s great hermetic material. However, it needs a regular and expensive maintenance because the weeather and wood are´t good friednsd. You´ll need anti-humidity treatment…


Sectional gates made by iron are composed by a iron sheet. It is perforated by some sticks to give stiffness and resistance to gates. However, we hope you don´t live in a places with extreme climatology, beacuse this kinf gates don´t give you a hermetic closing.


If we don´t bear in mind the money, aluminium is perfect to your sectional gate. It´s a strpmger material against bad weather, and it doesn´t need an regular maintenance. Your could personalize your aluminium gate, and your gate shall be adapted to many styles. Sectional gates aare the perfect mixed between beauty and efficay. If you have some doubt, Powwermatic helps you.


maintenance contract

We never remember them until we are in a mess. Maintenace contracts become a secure and lifesaver in critical situations. Preservations and maintenace of devices are a key element if we talk about gates and barrieres, even more if they are installed in communities. For that reason, Powermatic has several maintenace contrats: basic, all risk and preventive.


With this contract, the client has an assitance without cost. The incidence has to be communicated at working day. It´s basicest contract, and it doesn´t include weekends and holidays; these days our technicians couldn´t help you.


If you get an all risk maintentace contract, you´ll have a complete coverage. Our technical team will be ready to help you 24 hours, 365 days of year. Likewise, our technicians review your installations each 2 months.

Coverage includes the hours of technician to make the reparation and the materials have been used on it. It´s out of the contract the damages from blows, robbery, fires, floods, electrical variations or inapropiate handling.


If you accept this contract, you´ll have a coverage 24 hours and 365 days of year. The technical teams will be ready to help you. Like “all risk contract”, we have to know the origin of the damages to evaluate if it´s in or out of coverage. It´s out of the contract the damages from blows, robbery, fires, floods, electrical variations or inapropiate handling.

In this case, the material used to the reparation aren´t included in the coverage. However, the needed hours to repair the incidence will be in. Also, you´ll have a revew of all elements each 2 months.

Choose the best option to you, but watch your back and be relax. In s.XXI it isn´t easy


Do you know if your comunnity gets all legal requirements about automatic gates?


First of all, you have to know if the gate was installed before or after May 2005, the date when there were changes in the automatic gates regulations. From that moment, all installed gates have to be in order with regulations.

If the gates has been installed before that date and they didn´t have important changes in the security devices, gate structure… you keep in mind:

  • If the installation was before May 2005, the gate has to be in order with Directivas de Máquinas (DM), Baja Tensión (DBT) y Compatibilidad Electromagnética (DCEM) regulations of that time.
  • If the installation was after May 2005, it has to be in order with Directiva de Productos de Construcción (DPC) regulation. Then, it must to have the CE stamp and all the installations requierements.


AEPA, Asociación Empresarial de Puertas Manuales y Automáticas, has to inform users and proffesionals about regulations and CE stamp. Everything have to be in order with the law and requierements to the correct aplication of CE stamp in industrial and garage gates.

Likewise, from AEPA looks after the safety of all closing system and i it has to inform about the regulations.

marcado CE normativa puertas automáticas

We have to know that mecanic guarantee, of a community gate, comes from fabric and installation. It has to be review after some uses, and it has been informed by manufacturer, according UNE regulation.

Resposible person of “new” automatic gates has to control the compliance of DM, DBT and DCEM regulations.


The owner of the gate must to answer for damages to others, according at art. 1.902 Civil Code, when they come from actions or defaults.

If the gates doesn´t have the security devices according the sytem, it would be considered negligent by Courts and Tribunals. It would be negiglent if the onwer didn´t add the security devices to prevent the accident.

Also, the responability comes from art. 1.9047 Civil Code, where it says that building´s owner has to cover the reparations.

However, if we have a maintenace contract with a qualified company, we could drift the responsability of damage to them according art. 1.101 Civil Code . We have to prove that they reneged on their obligations, and they have to prove that they done everyting correctly.

Is it obligary to have a maintenace contract with a qualified company?

It´s not obligatory, but you could enjoy of some advantages if you get it.

UNE-EN 12635:2002 + A1: 2009 regulation informs that the manufacturer gives us the maintenace instructions, and some reparation and maintenance works have to be done by qualified companies.

You could contact with these qualified companies to do the annual maintenance but you don´t have to get a maintenance contract.

Maintenance contract frees the community of resposability of situations. When you sign the contract, the resposability goes to maintenance company.


silent automatic gate

We know some communities need silent automatic gates to don´t disturb their neighbours. Houses , that are located close to a garage gate, have a lot of problems with noises and vibrations when gate is moving. All these things are a serious problem to affected neighbours and the community´s responsibles.

This problem is so common. Noise of automatic gate could be a big problem, even neighbours could make ill with illness like insomnia. Also it could make depression when people live with this kind of problem for a long time. We are aware of this situation and we work to give the best solutions to that.


For many years, we have specialized to resolve this kind of problems. We analize each situation and we suggest a personalized solution. We´re going to show you a video about a Marbella community where we have dicreased the engine noise a 30%.

Eliminating noise or vibrations altogether is almost impossible.  We could dicrease the problem if we reinforce the correct work of the gate. With a correct maintanance we resolve the problems.

If you have some problems with your automatic gate, you could concact us without agreement. We´ll do our best to help your dreams fly silently.


terrace roller gate installations

With this article we start a new sections about Powermatic´s last installations.

Today, we installed 3 roller gates in Guadalmina Baja, one of the most beautiful urbanization in Marbella.

The work has been done by Glocal Design Estudio. This area was disabled and we hope it would be more crowed during Winter and Summer.

We let you some pics about the installation. We want to thanks Global Design Studio´s owner for the trust on our company. In this link you could see other installations done by us. There are different finishing touches made in alluminium and iron.