tourist appartament

Tourist apartments have been growing up for few years ago. To get the management of them it could be a difficult job. To get a quality service and go on with it, it requirez a lot of dedication and sacrifice by the owners. If they have another job, the compatibility is impossible.

Powermatic shows you 5 options to help you to manage your tourist apartments.


cofre pequeñoIt´s the easiest and cheapest system to avoid movement, to check in and check out. Inside this metal box you could leave the home keys or fobs. When the clients arrives just has to introduce a code to open the box and collect the keys. When the clients go, they leave the kyes inside the box and you could collect them again.

The inconvenience is the low security level. If the box is broken, thief could access at the apparment, even thought it´s not easy to open it.

In this link you could see the features and prices of the device.


It works like mecanic box. The difference is that difital box has a smartphone App that gives you some codes to open the device with digital keypad. Also you could open it with the App when your smartphone is close to the box.

Some features are:

  1. To know the last location of box.
  2. Automatic closing after it´s opened.
  3.  To share a temporary code to have a safe system. When rental is over, the code will be render.

It´s safetier than mecanic box because you could program the automatic closing.

In this link you could see the features and price of the device.


It works like traditional keys, but it has a lot of advantages:

  1.  You could manage the keys as you want.
  2. You could do key copies yourself  by smartphone.
  3.  You could cancel a lost key and you mustn´t change the cylinder.
  4. You could give a temporal key, that it shall works for a delimited time.

When the door is open or closed, this event will be safe in the internal memory (user name, date and hour…)

In this link  you could see the features and price of the device.


With this new cylinders you could:

  1. You could send authorisations to open with virtual keys to clients/guests´s smartpones. Then, they could open by their smartphones.
  2.  You could give limited access.  The key works during the rental time, after that, the key stops to work.
  3. It has a events registrastion, with access information: date, hour, user name.
  4.  The authorisations are given by system administrator, and could accept or deny the access inmedietly.
  5. You could open the door with other devices like cards or proximity cards. All work at the same time.

In this link you coudd see the features and price of the device.


It´s the safetiest and softest system that you´ll find. It´s a mixed of differents system, since a security key until the opening from anywhere by Internet.

The system has a battery supplier to could open and close the gate eventhought there is a power fail.

The main inconvenience is thay you need to do a pre-installation in the gate and it couldn´t be install in all gates.

In this link you could see the features and price of the device.

5 options, 5 solutions to manage your tourist appartments and it isn´t a headache.


costa del sol urbanizations summer

When Summer arrives, communities locates on the coast are felts overflow by owners and rentals to enjoy their holidays. It´s a season when there are a lot of problems and insecurity situations.

Coast communities are peculiare, during Summer´s month the populations grows up, and there are big changes each 15 days or week. The unknowledge of rules and carelessness complicate the daily work of administrators.


An example of the increase of problem is found in the garage. It starts a bad use of parking place. Comunal areas become a territory without control and rules. Parking places loose their owners and everyday admitrators receive claims and complaints, because there are wrong ocupations by rentals or owners. They don´t know the community rules, because they just use it in Summer or it´s a temporal transfer by a neighbour.

A hot point in Summer is the communal access to the community, like the block pedestrian entrance or facilites. A long the year, community staff works with attention and care to create a good first impression of facilities. There are some rules that are known for all habitual residents. But, these holidays months, community suffers a lot of violations, for example: don´t respect the pool and gym timetable, etc.

Another problem comes from the keys to access to community. The access point to community, facilities, garages and houses are the main barrier to get the area and residents safe. Lost and damage keys, during Summer, means a  security breach in the community..


Administrators have to find solutions to these problems. To find a control system is an options. System to manage who could access and who not. Thanks to the techno develpoments, there are some systems that could be control by communties themself. They could create different access privileges to some areas, a specific timetable to, for example, swimming pool. The main goal is to enjoy a quite and safe Summer.

Nowadays there are some uncopied key/fobs systems, that they could be control by smartphone or tablet.

Los problemas se repiten cada año y las soluciones hoy en día están al alcance de todos tan solo se necesita un poco de tecnología y antelación para evitar problemas.

These problems do again each year and solutions are withing everyone´s grasp. Just you need some technology and prevention to avoid these situations.