Powermatic security precaution maintenance

Usually when the security cameras are installed, we forget them and their maintenance. When something happnens and we need to review the images, we could discover that the system doesn´t work.


All cameras and CCTV system need a minimum maintenance. It means a basic works like to fix the camera supports. They use to be loosing by the winds, the focus could be dirty or people move them to not be recorded. Sometimes we find installations that don´t have power supplier and cameras don´t record anything.


Powermatic  offers a maintenance service to Administrations and Communities that are located around Marbella, Estepona and Benahavís. This service is free and unagreement. After our visit, we´ll inform you about the situations of your system and the best options to improve it.

Just contact us at 952 78 26 45 or send us an email at

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