robbery vehicles by Powermatic

Statistics confirm that there is a robbery each 3 minutes. There are 150.000 stolen vehicles in a year. The main reason of this kind of robbery is the fobs to access to parking are out of control. There isn´t a system that controls the number of remotes existing and who has them.

Today there are systems to asociate the internal code of remote control with the owner. Then, we could know who access to our community. Also, maintenance staff need a lot of keys to open different gates (pedestrian, sotrages, communal areas, etc) and sometimes they get a universal ket to open all of them. It seems a good solutions but it could be a bif problem, beacuse if they loose the key, we could get a total access.


It´s easy to avoid a robbery, just we need good will and the ability of the administrator to have the data base updated. So, we need a system where the remote controls have a internal code. This code is unique and we associated the owners with it.

If the fob is stolen or lost, we could find it in our data base and delete it. We could install events control system to know when the gate is used and who is doing it.

Like you could see, it´s possible to avoid robberies in garages and houses with the new control systems to communities. You could reduce the robberies and vandalistic actions, and Powermatic have the solution for that.

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