seguridad a bajo coste

To feel safe at low cost; there are many ways to get our community or private house safer and we don´t need to spend a lot of money. The technologic advances and its democratization, with well habits, give us the posibility of create safety areas without clefts.


  • To get a remote control or keys system, with unique codes, where you could associate the owner and property: It´s a way to locate and cancel it if you lose it or it´s stolen. Otherwise, we have to know if our system has an installation code. This code prevent the external copies of remote controls. All of this helps you to increase your safety.
  • To be sure, when we go out or come in, that the gate is completly closed. In this sense, an automatic gate could be programmed with an automatic closing, and it helps you to be safer.
  • We could complete our safety if we install a surveillance system. Now, you could find a lot of high quality cameras with low price, and they could be watched by smartphone. It great move to control what happen everytime and watch the recorded images from 30 days ago until now.
  • Resolve the darkness areas by good illumination is a great dissuasive move. Led illuminations help you to reduce the consumption and prices.


Some studies show that streamlining of illuminiation, in shared areas of communities, reduces the crime levels. If we add the use of wite light, we´ll get to be safer with less cost because this kind of light is characterize by effectiveness, sustainability and long lifetime. We´ll have a very well lighting areas and a reduced price.

For example, a led light uses 40% of electricty than a traditional light bulb. We could increase tha lifetime 60 times more than a traditional bulb. Also, we could reduce the carbon emissions, helping to preserve the environment.

In this connection, the led illumination system could be completed by a movement scanners. It means that lightbulbs will be activated when they detect a movement. We´ll avoid they are unnecessary on.

A mix of habits and technologic advances made us feel safer and don´t pay a lot fo money for that.

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