security devices to automatic gates

Don´t forget to think in security when you are talking about automatic gates. It´s easy and confortable to have some automotions at home. If we could raise and put down a big weight, it´s a diary force and damages that we avoid them.

There are some devices to give our gates more security. We´re going to show yoy the most important element to get a very secure automatic gate:


Essential element that we coulnd´forget to install in our automatic gate. This system detects a obstacle and send a signal to stop or open again the gate. There are two groups:

  • Retro-reflecting photocell: the emitter and receiver are the same element. To get the ultraviolet light go back to emitter, it uses a retro-flecting device like mirrow.
  • Photocell with emitter and receiver: this system has a double device, a emitter located on a side and the receiver on the other side. If the receiver doesn´t receive the sign, it opens the gate.


The swivelling gates use this security system to avoid big disasters. Theses gates work with a lateral springs, if one of them is broken, the parachute stops the gate. A similar system is the emergency brake of elevators.


Anticrush sysmte is composed by a rubbers installed at the end of the gate. In case of sliding gate, we install them between the two sheets. They avoid to introduce a hand between the sheets and a direct crush with gate.


Turn signal is a way to inform about precaution situation. So, it´s a good idea to install a device with flash lights when the gate starts to open. It´s a way to advice pedestrians to take care becasuse a vehicle is going to exite or enter.


The sytem  is installed on the frame; the safety edse are very useful when the gate hasn´t got an anticrush system. It´s made by rubber and when your press it, it sends a sign to stop the closing.

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