Rains and automatic gates

The rains have arrrived to Spain, this year it happened very soon.  According to Mediterranean weather, the raining season is coming. We have to know that Autumn and Winter are the raining season, and we have to be ready to face them in peace.

After last day with DANA episode, we can´t do anything, there is a lot of water that it´s impossible to go out without damages. Beyond this exceptional situations, we coud to face the water without problem.

Powermatic  gives you some tips to help you to avoid that rains become a headache.


You have to clean the automatic gate area to be sure about the good workinfg of it. If we don´t take care of this, dirt and leafs could bock the gate movement and other gate devices. If we don´t clean this area, some drops could damage our gate.


Some electronic devices are exposed to bad weather or they are inside the floor. To check the covers of theses devices are very important.  We couldn´t lose the water tightness of theses devices, they could be damaged. Remember that the sun weakens the covers, then we recommed you to change them.


As we check our vehicle every year, we change the wheels or filters… we need you to chek and review our gate. We recommend to review it each 6 months, at least once per year you should do it. It´s the best way to extend its lifetime.


There are some devices more exposed than others and for that reason we have them a special consideration.

Photocells, that help us to avoid accidents and a gate closes when someone/something is crossing, are affected by rains. A lot of drops on the sensor make that the gate doesn´t close. Clean them and say goodbye to the problems.

Gates are an outside device and it´s exposed 100% to everything. You have to choose a goof material to have a safety gate. We recommend you aluminium even thought it´s more expensive than others.

Water tightless is necessary to protect the engines and also it´s very important if we talk about wiring. Check all the wiring system.

With prevention and good opinion the rain never becomes our enemy

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